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Hilary McKay has more than a decades experience in mobility, health care and living aid products.
She began after seeking a career change following redundancy from Yorkshire TV and after a few false starts and venue changes her current business Able 2 Help has really come into it’s own in the last four years.

Hilary prides herself on good service and fair-play, old fashioned values to some but something that’s at the core of Able 2 Help’s business.
“Most of our customers, I’m on first name terms with, we don’t just sell them a scooter and never see them again. Apart from the obvious like servicing and maintenance, we’re always on hand to help out with paper work or advice and even offer driving lessons for the scooters.”
Able 2 Help are branching out, they’re planning to open a drive-in repair shop in Crossgates and extended their range to include wet-rooms, stairlifts and furniture, all with a view to making life that little bit easier. They’re also offering insurance for mobility scooters.
“It’s not just for the scooters, as people get older the price of travel insurance can go up dramatically, especially if you have health issues. It’s awful to think older people are priced out of travelling abroad, so we found an insurance company who offer competitively priced insurance.”
And that’s Hilary’s strength, she hates to say ‘no sorry, we can’t do that’ and because of that Able 2 Help will never stand still, they’re always looking at new models and little innovations to help make life that bit easier.
“A couple of years ago Leeds City Council Social Services asked us if we could supply a made to measure high seat chair with a belt for a stroke victim who was having trouble sitting up properly. So we found a furniture manufacturer, sat down over a cup of tea and went through the ladies requirements, it worked really well and a few relatively simple things helped improve her quality of life. As a result of this we are now able to offer made to measure furniture and living aids such as footstools.”
With a product knowledge second to none and a sympathetic nature you’ll wonder how you ever got on before you met Hilary, however the ultimate irony of the mobility / living aid industry is it’s an industry people are reluctant to embrace.

“Customers often come to us as a last resort, a final acceptance they’re not as young and agile as they once were or submitting to an illness which has restricted them. We understand this and as the shop name says, we are able to help. It’s such a rewarding part of the job, when you actually see what kind of difference such as a mobility scooter has made to someone’s life. We keep in touch with customers and it’s lovely to see what a little independence can do.”
Although reluctant to make a song and dance about it, Hilary has also done her bit for charity.
“No-one ever said life was going to be easy and I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. So it’s nice to be able to help out a little. We donated two chairs to ward J20 and then a couple of wheel chairs to the sleepover unit on Bexley wing.”
There’s no better way to finish this article than to use Able 2 Helps motto… It’s nice to be important but more important to be nice!




Hilary Mckay…Able 2 Help

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