Chapel FM – Broadening my Technical Horizons

Broadening my technical horizons at Chapel FM

Josh Walker joined our Next Generation group whilst he was still at John Smeaton. It’s great to see him progress; doing his A-levels at Notre Dame and now moving on to Leeds College of Music. And recently he has joined our volunteer tech team…

chapel-wires“I have been part of Chapel FM for 4 years, yet it has only been within the last 6 months that I’ve moved into the technical areas and been able to see what makes everything we do work. In the past few years, I’ve developed a keen interest in numerous technological aspects, such as lighting and sound design through my college studies. However, it has been at Chapel FM where I have been able to experiment with what I have learned. Since joining the Tech Group in February, I’ve helped out with numerous radio broadcasts and ‘Friday Night Live’ events, where I work with other enthusiastic and like-minded people to provide technical support.

We usually begin our setup about 2 hours before the start of the broadcast, spending much of the time setting up instruments and microphones ready for the sound-check. I have learnt much about the equipment we use, both from other helpers, but also Ed – one of the resident technical experts at Chapel FM. Many of the setups involve Ed passing on his wisdom as he, from the back of Studio 3, tells us how much easier it is having people to help out with the setup, whilst reminiscing about how he had previously been the only person doing the setting up!

Through assisting with the technical elements of Chapel FM, I have begun to feel more confident in using the various kinds of equipment available at the Centre. For instance, in recent weeks I both presented and operated the desk for the broadcast we did as part of the Seacroft Gala, during which I felt as if I had been thrown in at the deep end, yet at the end of the broadcast, I felt a sense of fulfilment in having both manned the desk for and presented a broadcast, and the feeling was one that I would never be able to have elsewhere.

Thanks to Chapel FM, I have been able to broaden my technical horizons, and in taking part both on a weekly and monthly basis (depending on the schedule) as a member of the technical group, I have gained a new sense of confidence in myself ahead of starting my new college course in September which is technically based.”

As always just get in touch with Centre Manager, Fuzzy Jones, for more information. Call on 0113 22 55 944, email or just pop in to Chapel FM.

Chapel FM, Old Seacroft Chapel, York Road, Leeds LS14 6JB Tel: 0113 22 55 944

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