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We get a lot of good press at Chapel FM for the work we do with local teenagers, but we also pride ourself in offering opportunities to local people of all ages—we’ve had broadcasters aged 3 to 87 in our lovely studios! people come to us and are very clear what they want to do—they might get stuck in right from the off and start broadcasting with the Have A Go Radio group, or they’ve got the technical know-how and join the Chapel FM Tech group. But other people aren’t so confident and want to take time finding out what’s right for them and get the support they need—that’s why we run the Find Your Frequency course.

Chapel FM is a fantastic space where you can develop and learn new skills”

Elliott—Chapel FM volunteer.

Elliott started at Chapel FM as one of our first Find Your Frequency trainees just over a year ago. He completed the course and was awarded his Certificate of Achievement by local MP Richard Burgon (see picture—Elliott’s second from the left on the back row).

When he first joined he had no experience of radio—now he knows more than me in some areas—particularly the technical stuff! Elliott is one of our go-to people on the Tech crew. Whenever you listen to one of our broadcasts, you might not hear his voice but don’t be surprised if it’s Elliott behind the desk controlling the show. When the bands arrive on Friday night, Elliott may well be the person setting up and helping with the sound check, and if you watch our live stream, again it may well be Elliott vision-mixing the three broadcast-quality cameras.

So, whatever you are interested in, and however much support you might need…get in touch if you are interested in Finding Your Frequency…

Happy New Year

Adrian Sinclair



Chapel FM.


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