Chapel FM – It’s Radio … but so much more

Chapel FM—It’s radio…but so much more

We designed Chapel FM as a base for our community radio station—East Leeds FM. But, despite being probably one of the smallest arts centres in the country, there is so much that we can do there. And one of the fun things is trying out new things.

With the news of the death of David Bowie, there was a strange air of sadness in the chapel. The man had been an inspiration to many of us. So rather than mope around, we realised we could do something ourselves to mark his passing. Before you knew it, we had a packed radio theatre with a whole bunch of musicians playing Bowie songs and talking about how he had inspired them. Headlined by the fabulous Mik Artistik we even managed to raise over £400 for Cancer Research UK.

Fuzzy Bowie

Fuzzy Bowie

It was a great night and East Leeds Magazine even made a lovely little compilation video of it which you can see on YouTube (just search for Bowie Tribute night at Chapel FM).
Immediately people were suggesting other nights we could run. The next one in the “Dead Good” (!) series will be a tribute to Janis Joplin. As part of our Easter Chapel FM film festival, on Friday 8th April we will be running a night with a series of artists performing live plus the recently released film Janis: Little Girl Blue—all that for a fiver!

Also, as part of the film festival, we are launching a new Into Film club for young people. There will be free screenings of Big Hero 6, Labyrinth (to keep the Bowie theme going) and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as a singalong musical overnighter on Saturday April 9th where you can watch and sing to Grease, Sister Act 2, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray and—if you can keep your eyes open—finish with Rocky Horror Picture Show for breakfast!

All that, and a special family screening of the brilliant animation—Inside Out—on Thursday 8th April at 2pm (Pay-What-You-Can).

As we say: Chapel FM—it’s radio…and so much more!

Adrian Sinclair
Creative Director

East Leeds FM Website


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