Chapel FM – Musicathon 2017

The 8th Annual Musicathon

3pm Dec 9th to 3pm Dec 10th

24 hours of music: all live, all local…non-stop

Back in 2009 when we first came across the old Seacroft Chapel it was dark, unused and crumbling. But we saw the potential of creating something new—a home for community radio station East Leeds FM but maybe something more. In 2014 we opened the first-ever arts centre in East Leeds—Chapel FM. 

A Musicathon? 

But back in 2009 that was only a dream. We wanted to test the potential for using the building and that’s where we came up with the idea for a 24-hour musicathon and we invited the Leeds music community to come and take part and test out our idea to save the Chapel and create something new. It was such a success that we did it every year until the building was redeveloped–just to keep people aware of what we were planning. When we opened we thought that maybe the musicathon could end there…we didn’t need to do it any more…we could use the beautiful new space every day of the year! But people kept asking “When’s the next musicathon?” and who were we to disappoint! This December will be our 8th musicathon. We still do it for no more reason than because it’s a fab thing to do and we would love you to be there.

How it works 

It starts at 3pm on the Saturday (alongside the Seacroft Winter Gala) and finishes at 3pm the next day. But don’t worry…only a few mad souls spend the whole 24 hours there. Rather we schedule music throughout, booking bands and solo performers, choirs and alpine-hornists (yes we did have a couple one year!). People either play in our radio theatre (studio 3) or in the smaller (but still beautiful!) studio 2 and we ping between the two studios for 24 hours. Simple eh!


We stream all the audio live through our website and also do a separate Facebook live stream for each performer. So apart from having a lovely live gig in Chapel FM, everybody gets a good video to share on Facebook to friends, family and fans.

Get involved 

We need people to volunteer to get involved to make this work. 

There are a range of possibilities: 

• Volunteer yourself or your band/choir etc for a slot to perform at the Musicathon 

• Join our Programming Team who oversee the whole thing or take on curating 2 or 3 hours of the schedule 

•Volunteer to help out during the 24 hours—on front-of-house looking after people and serving cake or on the tech crew mixing sound and organising the broadcast.

To find out more just get in touch with Centre Manager, Fuzzy Jones. Call on 0113 22 55 944, email or just pop in to Chapel FM.

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