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In the first week of August, Chapel FM will be back on 87.7FM with our summer broadcast festival. There are two main themes for the broadcast—celebrating music and musicians in Leeds with our Music.Leeds.Us project and something called No Bystanders. One of our young volunteers, Zoe Carty, explains:

“No Bystanders was a very successful project undertaken by Chapel FM last summer which aimed to deal with issues that are commonly tip-toed over and/or avoided within our ever-developing society. It involved a group of young people who researched chosen issues important to them around the theme of No Bystanders [LGBT, mental health, human rights, etc.] over a course of weeks and then broadcast radio programmes about what they had learned, including their own thoughts and feelings, with the target of raising the knowledge and awareness surrounding them, as well as discussing what it means to “stand by” and the consequences of doing so.


It comprised of a fortnight long series of events, radio broadcasts, and an EP created by the Chapel’s Associate Bands [AB] group. Some of the events held over the two weeks included film screenings of ‘Pride’ and ‘Alphabet Club’, live performances upstairs in the radio theatre, and an outside broadcast that took place at Leeds Pride. I got involved on the music and broadcast side and two things were particularly interesting to me were:

(1) the multiple interpretations made and conveyed by the Associate Bands group, which represented new perspectives on and meanings of the term ‘No Bystanders’
(2) the young people’s level of understanding and enthusiasm towards tackling relatively mature matters, and how open they were to learning new concepts and areas within life that they wouldn’t usually have been given the opportunity to learn about in schools.

The festival itself not only gave more information on areas which people often shy away from, but also opened up platforms to discuss them. It was then and is still as important as ever to raise awareness and encourage people to get involved in situations and issues that impact both directly or indirectly on society, especially as these are universal issues.”

Chapel FM will be running more No Bystanders training sessions and events again this summer. So don’t just stand by, get involved! There are opportunities for all ages—the ‘Have A Go’ group for adults as well as an opportunity for a new group of teenagers to do a week-long broadcast course in the summer holidays (all free).

As always just get in touch with Centre Manager, Fuzzy Jones, for more information. Call on 0113 22 55 944, email or just pop in to Chapel FM.

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