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New Season, New Bike, New Shop.

It’s been a difficult year so far for Constantin Manole. Despite lighter nights and the start of his first season as a Cat II racer, the extended winter has played a big part in slowing him down.
“It’s true, we’ve only entered two races so far finishing seventh and then third but really I need to get in the saddle and win, otherwise all the training I managed to do throughout the winter will have been for nothing.”
As well as his winter training, Constantin kept himself busy building his own racing bike.
“I took a long time to actually work out my own requirements but eventually I got there, so it’s goodbye to the old de Rosa which has been a great bike for me in the past but hello to what I hope will be a great racing machine.  I’ve built many bikes over the years and we seem to be getting more and more requests from customers recently. We work with them on specification and budget and thus the bikes are all different but one thing is consistent throughout, they’re all hand built and are all fully guaranteed.”

His shop Kings of Cycling has also moved, albeit only two doors down the road.
“We didn’t have much choice really and I don’t want to make a massive deal out of someones misfortune but a car lost control on York Road and ploughed into the side of the shop, making the building structure unsafe. We were in the shop at the time and it was terrifying. We didn’t stop shaking for about ten minutes. Anyway, on the bright side we were okay and fortunately there were no bikes damaged!  We had to move though, it’s coming up to  our busiest time of the year so we jumped when this shop came up for rent.”

Kings of Cycling have also developed their web site ‘’ but although he acknowledges this is an important part of the businesses future, it’s not the be all and end all as far as he’s concerned.

“I love to work on bikes, as simple as that. it’s my passion and I don’t understand why other bike shops don’t give the service we can. We had a guy in here last week who had taken his bike in at another shop for repair and it seemed they held it hostage for six weeks. I don’t want to do that, let’s get the job done and move on.”

A few months ago when we did an interview with Constantin, a guy came in who was a hard core cyclist with a bike worth about £5000, which had developed a slight knocking.  Constantin  made a few adjustments and off rode one very happy customer, who was charged £65 when other shops had quoted £800. As a sort of counter balance another customer called in while we were there.
Ian Conway from Crossgates had his 13 year old sons bike with him which quite simply needed a new inner tube. He’d been quoted £14 at another shop (a fiver for the inner tube and £9 for fixing it in.)
“The other place wanted to keep it over night, which wouldn’t have done, my lads on it all the time. Here they did it straight away and charged me a fiver. They also made a few adjustments and recommendations which I’ll definitely take them up on. Great service when there was only a fiver involved but I’ll be back for sure.”

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  1. Fantastic service, first class work my bikes, friendly guys and very cheap compared to other cycling shops.

    • Kings of cycling is an amazing cycling shop which gives you the service you can only expect from a first class establishment , very reasonable in price, reliable and honest, top guys .

  2. Brian Gray says:

    Yes I’ve used theses guys they are really very good and excellent value for money.Keep up the good work

  3. Very nice people and very reasonable. Would definately recommend.

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