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Daniella Heselgrave on the IDTA Freestyle & Rock’n’Roll Competition.

27th & 28th April saw the Annual IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association) Freestyle & Rock ‘n’ Roll competition at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool.
Dance Floor 54 who are based on Osmondthorpe Lane took a team of twenty six there with the age groups spanning from three to forty three years old.
It’s not the first time Dance Floor 54 have entered the competition, but it was one of their most successful years as they achieved four first places, seven  second places, five third places, four forth places and a couple of fifths.   Dani Heselgrave, who runs Dance Floor 54 with dance instructors Nichola and Louise tells us all about it.
“It’s a long old weekend, emotionally draining and full on with the first heat starting at nine in the morning and the last finishing at six thirty in the evening. We work towards this all year but there were some students who entered for the first time and did really well. It’s all quite glitzy and it’s easy to be overawed by the occasion.”
All the semi finalists qualify for the national finals at the prestigious Blackpool Winter Gardens which will be held on 9th/10th November.
“Most of Dance Floor 54 got through to the final which is a great achievement. But just because some didn’t, it doesn’t mean to say they danced badly or anything, it’s just a matter of one of the three judges noticing you and on a busy dance floor it’s not that easy. At the finals there’s seven judges.”
Nice as it was to be successful for Dani, it’s not just about the winning. Not all her students enter the competitions and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Firstly it’s about enjoying yourself and keeping fit, if you want to take it to competitive level that’s fine, if you don’t, that’s fine as well.
I used to drag my parents all over the country when I was young and I made friendships with people I wouldn’t normally have met who I’m  still in touch with now. The competitions are  simply a great day out, a great excuse to get dressed up, put the sparkles on and wear the team jackets. Everyone supports each other and I’d like to give a big thank you to all  the parents who helped out.”
Despite playing down the competitive side of things, Dani still got a bit of a buzz from a very successful weekend.
“Yes, of course I was proud of them all, It’s really moving when the students get called back to say they are through to the next heat, especially with the younger ones, the innocent look on their faces when they realise they’re through and the long hours of  practice have paid off makes it all worth while.”

See Dance Floor 54 dance displays at:
Scholes Village Fete on 15th June &

Whitkirk Cricket Club on 4th August.


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