Day and Night Christmas Crackers

I’ve been reading a cracking book Thinking, Fast and Slow by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman. I couldn’t put it down. No wonder so many young students want to study psychology. I hope they grasp the stuff because even if they fail to get a job at the end of it, they’ll have a richer perspective of what influences the choices we make and the rationale behind decisions we come to.

I will not dwell on this for any longer than I can bore you but I’ve got to put this down: I learned that System 1 is the mode of thinking that ‘operates automatically and quickly, with little or no effort and no sense of voluntary control’. Examples are the answer to 1+1=… or how   one quickly turns towards the sound of a loud noise or how one detects hostility in a voice on the other end of the phone. Whereas System 2 involves more analysis, computation and subjective thinking like ‘17×24=?’ Unless there’s something wrong with you, you couldn’t just spring back an answer.

The two systems feed off each other System 1 continually feeding System 2 with impressions and intuitions and if System 2 agrees the suggestions, right or wrong, become beliefs. This should be enough shrink stuff to get me into the Christmas crackers.

I missed on Christmas shopping again this year. I can’t get into any shopping mall outside Cross Gates because most people annoy me by engaging the wrong System 1 when they see me. In the car parks they see a glimpse of me and immediately turn to press the lock button on the car remote and/or walk back to try the doors! In the Mall the security guard can’t get his eyes off me. It’s like love at first sight. Hey man, leave me alone. What have I done to attract you? I am trying to get straight out of here.

However in Cross Gates System 2 has fed System 1 with the good beliefs to trigger the favourable automaticity. So on seeing the Day and Night logo you think ‘smart chemist-fast and friendly, all my 16 odd prescription items dispensed in one go- no coming back and forth for I owe you’s. Bang. System 1: I love it.

In 1994, I had had my pre-registration training at Mutare district hospital where I shared residence with a young charismatic Dr Oguchi. Back then Zimbabwe had a free national health service which it could ill afford. Here is Dr Oguchi’s System 2, ‘In Nigeria everyone pays and everyone is a businessman. You assemble a stall that you can manage and sell your wares. By the way don’t do a supermarket… aah… it would be looted in a day.’ He sucked at his teeth and started, ‘Here the system promotes laziness. A 23 year-old man comes to hospital for free treatment of his sexually transmitted disease and after that he asks me to sign a free bus pass to take him back home. Aah…,’ he sucks his teeth again and continues, ‘Can’t he grow some tomatoes at the back of his house and sell them? If you have enough energy to contract an STD you must have enough energy to work. Get away, you can hoof it home.’

Merry Christmas.

ours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,

Superintendent Pharmacist Day & Night Pharmacy


Bellbrooke, Colton and The Grange medical centres will have switched from paper to electronic prescriptions by the time you read this magazine. You may wish to nominate Crossgates Day & Night Pharmacy to receive and dispense your prescriptions, just call in day or night 7 days a week.


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