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Christmas Abel style!

I’ve just received a letter from the Editorial Director of the Yorkshire Post informing me that I had been nominated in the Pharmacist of the year category of their Best of Health Awards. I didn’t win it though but I am thankful and heavily indebted to all who took their time to submit their nominations.   I am also grateful to our Day and Night team without which we would not be able to deliver the service that has got us this level of recognition. I however have a sinking feeling that my father , 6-foot under, is turning because I am content to settle for less than first.

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing shortages of many bread and butter generic prescription medicines. As an independent chemist we have more than 12 accounts with the big and smaller wholesalers which have helped us manage the shortages reasonably well- hopping from one source to another- grabbing a few packs of essential medicines here and there albeit at inflated prices. I can’t help think that some of the shortages are being exaggerated a bit- hanging on to stock in order to hike prices… sounds more like some African country I know.

So, I’ve been busy hoarding medicines for you and that’s my Christmas present to you. It’s not an excuse. And as per standard operating procedure my better half will sort out the children’s presents for both of us. If my will was allowed to prevail they’d get nothing material. These are children with everything. As parents we yearn to usher our progeny to  a standard of living that surpasses what we had- send them to the best schools and dream holidays- and yet hope that they remain humble and cultivate a culture of hard work and ambitious drive for personal achievement which is usually associated with an underprivileged upbringing.

of what they already have pays homage to that philosophy. I love them dearly; I just don’t see how any material can represent that. As a son of a very hard man my Christmas present, on the occasions that it happened, depended on my school report. Luckily I used to be top of the class or thereabout: Which reminds me that I wasn’t always clever or           perhaps it is that my poor teachers did not always address some topics comprehensively. See this. The Shona word for both the words month and moon is mwedzi. The     expression to indicate that a woman was having a period is ‘Ari kumwedzi ‘for which the direct translation is ‘She’s at the moon’. Now this is where the confusion started. I’d learnt the menstrual cycle- the science of it fascinated me as ever. It was, as I understood it, a 28-day cycle- so at the end of it a woman had her period. It all made sense, I thought, at the end of each month every post-pubertal woman in the world was ‘at the moon’. Imagine!

And I don’t think I even knew about menopause then… it was the whole womankind at the moon at the same time every month-end. There wouldn’t be a merry Christmas and a happy new year, would there? What did I know? This is why I’ve to send my kids to better schools than I attended.

The Day and Night team and I thank you for  keeping us busy throughout the year and we wish you the best of the festive season wherever you will be, planet earth or the moon.

Yours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,

Superintendent Pharmacist Day & Night Pharmacy


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  1. I wish this chemists would have opened a few years ago, it would have saved me personally a lot of frustration over the years with the others in the area. They always seemed to be on their dinner hour or I’d have to come back in a few hours or the next day.

  2. As a regular at Day & Night Pharmacy, I would like to give a big thank you to Abel and his staff for their continuing first class service and also I’d like to wish them all a happy christmas.

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