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Electronic Prescription Service. Have you nominated your preferred pharmacy?

Almost all the local medical practices are now on board. We are experiencing the joys and trials of this new service:

A lady had a water infection over the weekend. She sent her husband to pick up some over-the-counter salts but the infection continued unabated. A Monday morning telephone consultation resulted in the GP electronically sending a prescription to Day and Night. By 9:15am, same morning, we’d dispensed and delivered the antibiotic to the lady. Magic! There are many stories like this. In the past the lady would have suffered until the afternoon before starting medication.

Day and Night-electronic-prescription-serviceThe nightmare scenarios have been prescriptions sent to the wrong pharmacy. Oh yes. We’ve had regulars shouting why we did not have their prescription ready after several visits only to discover that the script had been sent to a pharmacy they used to use many months ago or to a pharmacy which they used once recently for a one-off prescription.

Warning: nominating a pharmacy to receive your repeat prescriptions is like going into a marriage… No, not really, but you have to be careful what you are signing up to when you are collecting a one-off prescription from a pharmacy you do not use regularly because when you sign to nominate a pharmacy all your other subsequent prescriptions will go to that pharmacy…. You don’t want to nominate a pharmacy in Scarborough… All is not lost though, there is no need to travel back and forth; a script sent to the wrong pharmacy can be sent back to the NHS spine electronically and be released to the correct pharmacy in minutes whilst you wait.

Switching nominations is just as easy, you can either ask your surgery to electronically send your scripts to your preferred pharmacy or you can contact the pharmacy to register your nomination. We do accept nominations over the phone but we tend to ask patients or representatives to sign a form so we have proof of consent. Our drivers can bring the form to you if you are unable to come out.

Preserve your independence sign up to our COLLECTION ONLY SERVICE: You order your repeats thorough us or directly at your GP’s then after 48 week-day hours come to collect your filled prescription or (if that’s what you choose) expect a home delivery.

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday 8.00 am -10.30 pm

Sunday: 9.30am – 10.30pm

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