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Electronic Prescriptions – Q & A – It’s your choice
Q: Do I have to be on repeat prescriptions to get my prescriptions sent electronically?
A: No, anyone can ask a pharmacy to register them to receive their prescription – this is called nomination. At Day & Night you can walk in or ring us on 0113 3180 277 or 0790 1725 291. Telephone nominations will be followed by us sending you a pre-filled nomination form so that we have your signature on record. 


Q: How come my prescription was sent to a pharmacy that I’ve not used in years?
A: That should not happen. A prescriber may not direct your prescription to a particular pharmacy. The choice of which pharmacy receives your e-prescription is yours unless it is in your best interest eg. a doctor may ask Day and Night to deliver a prescription for a house-bound patient because the patient’s regular pharmacy has no delivery service in the late afternoon.


Q: I went to this pharmacy once for a one off antibiotic because it was just next to the GPs but my next repeat landed there?
A: Again the choice of where your prescription lands is yours. If you did not expressively nominate that pharmacy you have the right to ask them to send the script back to the ‘NHS spine’. The correct pharmacy which holds your latest consent can then electronically re-register your nomination and pull down the script from the NHS spine. The process can take less than 2 minutes. 


Q: Is it easy to switch nominations without interrupting my repeat? day-and-night-old-ladies-2
A: Yes, registering a nomination is instantaneous. You don’t even have to inform the old pharmacy- your repeat prescription will be transferred to your latest nomination as long as arrangements for requesting the script from the GP are made.


Q: Does nominating a pharmacy mean that they will place my prescription requests to the surgery for me?
A: No. You can continue to place requests directly with your GP if that is what you want, the only difference is that once issued the script will land directly onto the nominated pharmacy computer.


Day & Night would like to apologise for an irregular delivery service that we’ve offered in the last 3 weeks. Both our drivers were not fully available for one reason or the other.
We are now back to normal.


Yours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,
Superintendent Pharmacist Day & Night Pharmacy

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