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Falling & Laughing

He hesitated a bit and stumbled as he approached the podium. The UN Assembly announcer had introduced the 93 year old president and called out for the aides to help support him. He just about made it. He managed to extend his hand onto the podium otherwise he would have kissed the carpet. It must have taken a lot of effort and determination. 

  Many on the internet ruthlessly mocked the old dictator imitating his faltering gait. It’s a sad world. I am highly critical of the man, but despot or hero, old people deserve better.

With good health behavioural choices, solid medical services and some good old luck we shall also wither and slither to our ends.    Beyond the toddler age we tend to take walking for granted. Unless under the influence of some imbibed substance or suffering from a neurological condition we generally can walk straight and invariably stand on one foot with little or no tremor.

Another exception is the youth. They tend to fall quite often, mostly in lust! Perhaps due to poor vision or judgement; they fall for no reason, they fall for any reason and they make up reasons for falling in ‘love’.  They get hurt emotionally just as often.

When the elderly fall, they hurt badly; many end up in hospital. As one gets on, the sense of balance (which is connected tothe ears) wanes, the nerves which fire the biological electricity to the muscles fade and the muscles that fight against gravity go lame. This internal handicap (and poor footwear) combined with uneven or slippery surfaces makes a cocktail for a bad fall.

The bigger your bag from the chemist is, the greater your risk of falling. Those who have fallen recently are likely to fall again. And the more your age tends towards Bob’s, the greater the likelihood of multiple falls.

Unfortunately unless asked by their medical practitioner many older people do not mention falls. Ask. There is something that can be done about falls: withdrawing some medicines associated with falls, taking vitamin D supplements and, amongst other things, strength and balance training like Tai Chi may help. The word is, do not start acting like some Bruce Lee. You don’t want to be breaking any more than you are trying to save.

Sadly, one in three who get hospitalised with a hip fracture end up with a ticket to their maker. Winter is here.

 Yours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,

Superintendent Pharmacist  

Day & Night Pharmacy

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