Day and night Pharmacy – Hurricane Abel

Hurricane AbeI had planned to come back to this page 3 with a blustery  Hurricane Abel of an article but after the blunder of all blunders I sheepishly crawl back with my tail between my hinds. My crest fell and my sanity could be questioned. I had a choice: I could dig a hole and hide or I could come out, raise my hands up and be honest. I chose the latter. I am a true summary of the human kind. I simply forgot. I am sorry. 

I apologise for my oversight and the resultant anxiety and the inconvenience it caused. I did renew the premises licence for the previous 5 years on time. Then somehow the sixth renewal slipped off my mind: the biggest omission of my life. The fear, the biological upheaval was inexplicable. Ticking a form and submitting it together with the fee was all I needed to have done. I didn’t… A betrayal of trust…. A let down to a community in which this pharmacy has become a significant part. I am truly sorry.

In the midst of this trying episode most of our clients (or family, rather) still saw the funny side; some laughed shouting from across the street, “Did you forget to take your memory pills Abes?” Others like Kirsty of Arts and Flowers were simply defiant, “Get on the phone and ask them (the professional council) to speed up your restoration. Tell them you have a community to serve.”

I was at pains to explain to them that I didn’t want to appear to be pushing the authorities since it was my administrative slip not their pace which had landed me in the quagmire. Anyway, just as I was summoning the courage to ring the Council the good news came and it was shutters-up again. Thank God.

God, oh yeah, yet lately I’ve been thinking Science should be the religion for all and democracy should prescribe the laws by which we exit and interact. Science is logic and evidence-based. 

Democracy is democracy. Take for instance first past the post, winner takes all; remember 52% vs 48%? Which is why the Mugabe’s of this world recount the ballot to find that the earlier count in which they’d lost was actually wrong. 

In spite of that I’m still courting the idea of Science and democracy being the better option because before the advent of the missionary and his heavy book in Southern Africa my forgetfulness would have been put down to the bad spirits cast by an envious neighbour. In which case a hired witchdoctor would have dragged me into the river in the middle of the night to cleanse me of the spell using a concoction of herbs. Afterwards they would’ve anointed me with oil from a cobra so I’d henceforth carry an aura to scare away any would be attackers.

Worse still, the memory lapse would have been put down to the angry spirits of my forefathers annoyed that I’d not brewed some beer, invited all to an all-nighter tribal dance and poured some of the brew over their graves to appease them for the success of my enterprise.

Such are the sort of universal idiotic manifestations of religious belief that mangled minds can pick up and run amok with. However, for spiritual insurance, just in case death catches up with me and I am chucked straight into Gehenna- I shall kneel in prayer and ask that I be forgotten and forgiven for my shortcomings and blasphemous utterances straight after transmitting this piece to the publishers, John and Alison.


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