Day and Night Pharmacy – I’ll be Back. Merry Christmas


Thank you for the petition to stop the government from imposing cuts on pharmacy funding. Our efforts were in vain. These guys cannot be compared to Fidel Castro (bless his soul) but they are dictators, we all witnessed how they handled junior doctors, mere pharmacists were never with a chance. But do not lose faith, we won’t be shutting down any time soon. Lost a battle, the war for survival continues unabated nevertheless.

The imposed contract, designed to force some pharmacies to shut, comes with more tick boxes to access the diminishing returns. I, therefore, shall be spending more time flipping through paperwork upstairs than with hands on the deck downstairs with you my beloved friends.

I have enjoyed penning this column and the feedback from followers over these swift five and a half years. I am stopping the memoirs for a while whilst I recharge my batteries and grapple with this new points-system package.

How I wish I’d studied economics: If the governor of the reserve bank of Zimbabwe can wake up and think, ‘ I’m gonna print us some bank notes to pay off the civil servants salary bill’, why can’t our Canadian geezer do the same then the government would not have to impose these austerity measures?

Anyway, Matthew 7 verse 7 and I still count my blessings. I wake up in the middle of the night like President-elect Donald Trump and say a little prayer, ‘Thank you Lord for fulfilling my dreams and elevating me to this position, but how the hell am I going to manage this?’ Amen.

abel-ill-be-back1I felt honoured to be invited as a guest speaker by the local Methodist Men’s Fellowship on the 28th of November. That was a testosterone filled bomb! Ladies, we won’t divulge what we discussed. It’s a men’s thing.

In the spirit of thanks giving, we continue to be indebted to you the people of Cross Gates and East Leeds including the medical and paramedical professionals without whom our exponential growth would not be. John and Alison of East Leeds Magazine (page 4) have played their part in publicising Day & Night and for allowing me to bare all and make a fool of myself on this page 3.

I am thankful to the fast and friendly Day and Night team who continue to make our working atmosphere exuberant and fruitful.

Last, but not least, I am grateful to a lifetime partner: The wife helps me all the way into the night until we nod off dead asleep, snoring in a synchronised symphony like an orchestra of tropical frogs in the darkness of the night.

I’ll be back – Merry Christmas.

Yours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,

Superintendent Pharmacist Day & Night Pharmacy

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