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Electronic Prescriptions: Nomination Time. Whether you are on repeat medicines or not you now have the choice to nominate a pharmacy from which you wish to obtain your electronically transmitted prescriptions.

 What does this mean;

-if you have a telephone consultation with your GP he/she can press a button to transmit a prescription and we will have it ready in minutes.

Stay in charge: request your repeat directly at the surgery or by email as you have always done but instead of going to the surgery to pick up the paper prescription 48 hours later, come directly to Day & Night where we’ll have dispensed the electronic script.

We will print the repeat slip and give it to you so you can tick required medicines next time you need to put in a request.

We call this a ‘ COLLECTION-ONLY

SERVICE’ because all we do is receive and dispense the e-script ready for you to pick up from us. We also deliver for free if required.

Reasons to nominate Day & Night:

Open up to 10:30pm 7 days a week except for bank holidays when we may open for a few hours or close. Our premises looks very small but it is packed with dispensary stock, we aim to fill all our prescriptions in one go.

Even when there is a shortage of a medicine we’ve endeavoured to be the last one standing because we use more than 13 wholesalers.

If you’ve already signed up to our CAROUSEL REPEATS or the paper COLLECTION ONLY SERVICE you do not need to sign up again- this call is for those who’ve been doing the run-around themselves. Electronic scripts will cut out the trip to your GP to collect the paper script.


day-and-night-old-ladiesHow to nominate CROSSGATES DAY & NIGHT PHARMACY: just call in or give us a ring. Some surgeries will also accept to take pharmacy nominations directly if you tell them.

Yours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,

Superintendent Pharmacist Day & Night Pharmacy



Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday

8.00 am -10.30 pm

Sunday: 9.30am – 10.30pm



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