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Of Mice & Men, Dictators & Diabetes

“They are all on a diet of some kind because of the abundance of food yet we’re starving in the depths of these walls. These people are keeping the food beyond our reach- there’s very little outside the fridge and bins- so we’ve to pick up the bits and pieces they leave on the floor,” grumbled Mother Mousey.

“If we can’t eat their food we’ve got to eat them and their children,” she added.
‘’Yeah,” reluctantly agreed Father Mousey.

“I hear that by using the bite-and-blow technique one can have a toe off a diabetic with diabetic neuropathy and come back and get another for the little ones scot-free.”
‘’Umm, I’m not sure about that, Mrs. One’s got to be careful because diabetic neuropathy presents in several different forms: some do lose sensitivity in the lower limbs but others feel pain and tingling and can hardly sleep because of it, they’ll be up chasing you at the first attempt of a bite.

I’d keep away from humans full stop- you never know what they’re taking. They could be on warfarin: that’s rat poison. I don’t wanna get internal bleeding and all.’’
‘’I think humans are fair game, love…
Lately they’ve been using our brethren, inducing diabetes, allowing the disease to fester untreated in order to trigger neuropathy before using experimental drugs and immunotherapy to treat the damaged nerves. All for the benefit of the master species. I’d attack them for fun,’’ Mrs Mousey was adamant.

“You’d think that they’d be clever enough to keep testing people to detect diabetes early and to control the diabetes closely so that the damage to the nerves that becomes diabetic neuropathy does not happen in the first place. Logic isn’t ubiquitous,’’ said a pensive Mr Mousey.

Then he added, ‘’For us there’s always a box of corn flakes to raid somewhere in the kitchen. Imagine our brethren in Zimbabwe. The humans are struggling to make three meals a day yet the president, Mr 92, proudly says there’s no problem. Apparently his nation has yet to record a death by starvation. Such is the narrowness of thought and level of standards down there; people are dying in hospital, poor nutrition, poor hygiene, lack of healthcare personnel, lack of medicines… and the list goes on but ‘nobody has died of starvation’. Really? Mice must be an endangered species by now,’’ mourned Mr Mousey.
‘’Yeah,’’ agreed mother of the little ones.

abel-mice“Apparently governments do not cause droughts, so the man has no case to answer.’’
“Of course not, Mr 92 must know all there is to know because he is closer to heaven or hell than most Homo sapiens. For that matter, being a Catholic, if he times his prayers well he will land in heaven. No one lives forever but this one has no intention to vacate the vanity platform just yet. Clinging on to power like a tick to a bull’s bum is part of most African leaders’ nature. Removal is only possible by force or natural demise. The insatiable desire to milk one’s ‘subjects’ to abject poverty is a common manifestation of behaviour nurtured by an environment full of material deprivation. The fear of relinquishing power and the wealth that that power generates is enough to turn one into a selfish monster rat.

It is this kind of Asadian leadership which ensures that the disparity between the abundance in the west and the poverty in the so-called developing world persists forever. That in turn ensures the perpetual relevance of the Farages of this world
to block the inevitable mass reverse diffusion of Homo sapiens…
Are you falling asleep, mother mouse?”

Jokes aside, type 1 or type 2 diabetes can have serious complications if the blood sugars are not well controlled over long periods. Take your medicines as you should and attend reviews as directed. When the complications start setting in there’s very little that can be done to reverse them. We are talking possible amputations, poor vision, deteriorating kidney function and heart and blood vessel conditions.

Keep the sensitivity in your feet intact otherwise mice are out to get you!

Yours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,

Superintendent Pharmacist Day & Night Pharmacy

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