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I’ve struggled to pen this, my penultimate piece, before taking a sabbatical. What is there to cover that I’ve not covered? My imagination is running low on steam and the alacrity of my fingers has gradually waned like a slow and painful degeneration of arthritis.

It’s a Sunday morning and I’ve lost another remote control battle. But whatever channel they switch to there are these adverts that drill through one’s chest, rip the heart out and toss it onto the dining table. The sort by Save the Children which show skeletal African children with bogies all over the face and mattered eyes. For God’s sake, one can at list wash them before filming! Their plight is obvious, donations are but guaranteed and with a great deal of luck the cash shall land in the right hands.

abel-trumpAfrica is invariably poor, adverts can be produced without making my young British born daughter hate any association with it. The school playgrounds are not that kind.
The SPCA is not to be beaten at making Sunday morning TV miserable; again ad after ad of wasted dogs and cats suffering from criminal neglect at the hands of some ‘deplorables’  amongst us.

By the way, isn’t it sad that relatively affordable medicines cannot be sold over the counter (OTC) for simple animal ailments because they are licensed for human use only and therefore can only be obtained for animal use through a vet’s prescription?.. The NHS is yet to cover vet fees.

However flee and deworming products can be sold OTC. Talking worms, for human treatment, if worms have been observed in one family member then the whole family has to be treated. The carpets have to be vacuum-cleaned, linen machine-washed and machine-dried and everyone’s finger nails cut short and brush-cleaned to eliminate any eggs.

The eggs get laid at the anal area causing an itch which prompts the host, for instance a toddler, to scratch and embed the eggs under nails thus potentially propagating the infestation through fingers playfully popped into daddy’s or nana’s mouth.. Ouch!
Because the available medicines only kill the worm but not the eggs, I always recommend a second treatment a fortnight later  for those who’d have expelled worms. This ensures that any worms hatched after the first treatment are eliminated before they are mature enough to lay eggs. That cuts out the cycle.

Mrs Clinton triumphed over Mr Trump again in a presidential debate- no wonder he wanted her tested for doping before the contest. The man is a clown, however the definition of democracy dictates that if there are enough Americans as mad as him he will win the presidency.

Give him a break though, doping to gain competitive advantage is rife- a fit Sharapova using a drug for supposedly heart and blood vessel problems, long distance Olympic medal wining athletes taking airways opening asthma inhalers for hitherto unknown history of asthma and knighted cyclists taking anti-inflammatory corticosteroid injections meant for arthritic joints for allergies to pollen just before major tours!

Doping to improve intellect is rather far-fetched -perhaps improvement of wakefulness, yes. Mrs Clinton (not perfect by any standard) was secretary of state and could possibly have had access to drugs offered to military pilots on airforce missions. There are similar drugs that our university students have been reported to be buying online. I’ve advised my son that the only thing that will help him grasp his lectures is to attend classes without a hangover.

Yours Medicinally, Abel Kubare,

Superintendent Pharmacist Day & Night Pharmacy

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