East Leeds Magazine Editorial – Issue 47

Welcome to Issue 47 of ELM.

You want jobs? I’ve got jobs! Hospitals?

Top of my list!

Tax cuts and platform shoes

For every small businessman

Just give me your vote Just give me your vote

Schools, prisons? Of course we’ll build them!

Condoms for the American GIs!

Nuclear reactors breed like rabbits

Police oppression? You can have it, sir!

Just give me your vote, Put your cross in the box


Always Tell The Voter What The Voter Wants To Hear, classic Chumbawamba, just thought we’d throw that in for election time..whoever you vote for the government wins. Although you could vote Yorkshire First and at least have a bit of local representation in that there Westminster.

APRIL-COVERAnd if Westminster don’t listen, we’ve plenty of people who can kick their backsides. Congratulations to Lee Murtagh’s Bethlehmen Boxing Club, especially Seacroft’s Sophie Varley for bringing an international belt back to East Leeds.

Talking of international belts, good luck to Josh Warrington, who kindly took time off training to talk to us about school, his early days and the heady heights of professional boxing. (see page 12).

Finally, one for the girls, the St.Gemma’s, Leeds Midnight Walk on 16th May, it’s not too late to join and it’s a fantastic opportunity for the ladies of Leeds to get together and support and raise money for the brilliant care this hospice provides.


John & Ali


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