East Leeds Magazine Editorial Issue 57

We are the Barnbow Lasses,May16iss57COVER
We are the girls who make the shells,
We mind our manners,
We can spend our tanners,
And we are respected wherever we go.

Echoes from the Barnbow Lasses singing as they worked during World War One. Those of us of a certain age will have their own memories of Barnbow. Everybody in the area had a friend or family member who worked there and it was one of the few places offering apprenticeships in recession hit early 80’s Leeds.

Whether it was as a child standing gaping in awe on Austhorpe Road as the tanks rolled by, or clambering all over them on Open Days, Barnbow left memories with us all in one way or another and it was a sad day when it closed it’s doors for the last time.

However, there are more distant and dramatic memories of Barnbow which Alice Nutter has made into a play called ‘Barnbow Canaries’. A story of freedom, friendship and broken promises, it truly is an inspiring local story. www.wyp.org.uk/events/barnbow-canaries/

All the usual; Lee Murtagh on the wrong reasons to step in the boxing ring, Chapel FM on their No Bystanders broadcasting festival and talking of festivals, check out the Magic of Motown and Haworth 1960’s Festival starring local lads Benson. The Sound and Vision guys take us down to the Slip Inn and the Starlight Bar, Alan Cuthbertson advices on moving to sunnier climes but if you can’t make it abroad, then go down to the newly refurbished Zorbas Bar & Grill on Austhorpe Road (not on a tank) and get yourself a free bottle of wine, (see page 29). Anybody drinking too much wine and waking up with a dodgy tattoo on their arm, help is at hand. www.2001adtattoodesign.com


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