East Leeds Magazine Issue 45



Some get a kick in a plane,

Flying too high,

With some gal in the sky,

Is my idea of nothing to do,

But I get a kick out of you.

I get a kick…out of you.


A Frank Sinatra classic, Ol’ Blue Eyes would have hit the one hundred mark this year had he still been with us. Alan Mills might be a few years away from a hundred but he certainly got his kicks out there in Palestine. Sophie Varley might not be kicking anybody but she’s certainly making a name for herself inside the boxing ring. (see p24).


As the New Year gets into swing and the credit card bills arrive on the doormat the days are getting lighter and resolutions fall by the wayside, maybe its time to take up a hobby, if you can’t make Leeds Premier Fitness centre, then try painting, David McCormack swapped painting prisons for painting oils on his retirement and the evidence is there to see on the wall inside the newly named Bistro Mokka.


It might not be Captain Morgan but Crossgates Methodist Church are organising a series of organ concerts beginning on 4th February,


Happy New Year,

John & Ali

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