East Leeds Magazine – Issue 59

Let me take you down aug16iss59cover

‘Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields

Nothing is real

And nothing to get hung about

Strawberry Fields forever





Barwick’s Sam Cogger’s has taken us down t’ allotment where she’s proudly harvested her strawberries and made plenty of jam… a real plot on the landscape.  Talking of fruit, John Moody’s Sound & Vision take us down t’ Cherry Tree, and if that’s not enough booze for you, there’s always Barwick Beer Festival on 17th September, where there’s fine Yorkshire ale and fayre. Richard Burgon our local MP might like that as he’s East Leeds and Proud of it as he proposes moving parliament to a warehouse somewhere between Leeds & Bradford. We’ve always tried to be non-political but Richard seemed like a nice bloke with a passion for the area. Sometimes politics is difficult to avoid as former East Leeds resident Alan Cuthbertson tells us of the possible effects of Brexit to expats in Spain as well as the pro’s & con’s of buying or selling a house there.

Back closer to home and those of us who remember the Rolling Stones and Springsteen at Roundhay Park might be pleased to know music is making a come back there with Primal Scream and James headlining on September 17th,  The Grace Communion Church take us back in time and see if the colours in our life can be found within a Rubik’s Cube. And if the colours in your life are spray painted on a wall, watch out for the kids at Colton Primary School who are raising awareness about vandalism.


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