East Leeds Magazine – Issue 65 Editorial

Everybody was kung-fu fighting
Those kicks were fast as lightning
In fact it was a little bit frightening
But they fought with expert timing

Carl Douglas was a one hit wonder with Kung Fu fighting. Michael Tattersall’s been around long enough, kicking and punching his way to becoming the number one karate club in the UK.  It’s not just a Dojo, it’s become quite a bit of a community hub recently. Over the road at St. Mary’s Church Hall, the Redevelopment Team are looking to try and raise funds to spruce up the hall and are sending a survey out in the area around now, to see what benefit the hall can be for the local community.

Up York Road at Chapel FM, the Open Voices Singing Group have a right good singsong every Thursday, we’re not sure if they sing Kung Fu fighting though. And Stanks based Danielle Naylor and Cross Gates’ Liam Hayes, might not be kicking but they are certainly punching down at Bethlehem Boxing Club.

If all that’s a bit too physical, knock back the years with a game of table tennis at Crossgates Library every Tuesday at 10.30 and you can have a cuppa and a natter afterwards.
Chocolate’s always nice with a cuppa and as Easter approaches and the days get longer, don’t leave your chocolate eggs lying about, you might end up with ants in your pants.

Happy Easter
Ali & John


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