East Leeds Magazine – Issue 68 Editorial

I breathe in, I create,

Rewoke the spirit ’68,

I breathe out, I scream,

Rewoke Malatesta’s dream.


Lyrics to ‘Protest Song ‘68’ by Refused, those easy going Swedish death metal punks we all know and love. The song harks back to the Parisian riots of 1968. Local MP Richard Burgon might not have been born then but he’s plenty to protest about, so much that he’s taken up two pages!

Alan Cuthbertson had plenty to shout about when it looked like he was losing Coronation Street. He might have been better off staying round here and going to watch Chapel FM’s Open Voices Choir at Seacroft Methodist Church Hall. Or he could have hit a few strokes of golf around Tempsi Golf Course, following in the footsteps of the legendary Poppy Wingate who was the first ever lady to play in a men’s professional golf tournament back in 1933. Whether she scored a birdie or not, we don’t know but Warren’s seen plenty of Kites, Owls and Sparrowhawks. Who needs to watch Springwatch when it happens in your own back garden? And while you’re there, get the coals on the barbecue and get some fire in your belly with Slimming World’s red hot recipe! And if you get it all down your shirt and find your washer’s not working, give EHS a call, they’ve a first class repair service so think before you buy new.

Congratulations to Galen Brown & Alexander Rowland on securing their places at ‘Oxbridge’ Universities, anyone wanting to follow in their footsteps check out Garforth Academies open day.


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