East Leeds Magazine – Issue 69 Editorial

Lots of girls and lots of boys,

Lots of smells and lots of noise,

Playing football in the park,

Kicking Pushbikes after dark,

Baggy trousers, dirty shirt,

Pulling hair and eating dirt,

Teacher comes to break it up,

Back of the ‘ead with a plastic cup….

Madness paint a picture of school in a bygone era, which seems almost Victorian but actually was not so long ago. Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew somehow slipped through the social and educational net twenty years ago but it hasn’t stopped Red Ladder producing a play about it, read about ‘The Shed Crew’ on page 42. Thankfully education is a bit different these days and Paul Cooper, the Principal at Bishop Young Academy flies the flag for his rebranded school.

If you go down York Road, you’ll notice the old Fire Station at Gipton has had a renovation and quite simply, it’s amazing and well worth a visit. There are six local charities based there and all kinds of stuff happening, they have an opening day on 30th September, not sure if Alan Cuthbertson will be there but he might appreciate a fire hose or two as he tells us about forest fires in Spain.

If all this twisted fire starting is a bit too much, why not sit down and have a sedate game of chess (she p30) and if that’s not quite your cup of tea, then there’s always Barwick Beer Festival (p34) and if you’ve recovered from your hangover, a week later Friends of Temple Newsam are also holding a beer festival on 23rd September (12.00 to 5pm & 6pm to 10pm) in the Marquee in the Walled Garden, there’s also outdoor kids activities and it doesn’t matter if it rains as they can move it all to the marquee.


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