East Leeds Magazine Issue Editorial – Issue 54

Welcome to Issue 54 of ELM. cover jan16iss54page1

There’s a starman waiting in the sky,

He’d like to come and meet us,

But he thinks he’d blow our minds,

There’s a starman waiting in the sky,

He’s told us not to blow it,

Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile,

David Bowie’s sad parting, another icon departs this mortal coil only a few weeks after Lemmy. We pay tribute to them with a couple of tenuous Leeds connections.

So, if you’re feeling the pain, call in and see Abel at the Day & Night Pharmacy, he might give you something for it or he might just give you a placebo, but if that fails, get yourself up to Chapel FM for a coffee and cake! Failing that why not make your own Bruschetta, Get Cooking! will show you how. Chances are Kobe Christopher won’t be eating any as he has to keep his weight down for his next Thai Boxing bout and Lee Murtagh will be keeping an eye on his Bethlehem Boxers before his first show of the year on February 28th at the Aria Suite.

More fundraising events from St.Gemma’s Hospice, check out the Bubble Rush on page 6 and the Spring Fair and Bark in the Park on page 36.


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