Grace Communion Church – A Winning Ticket

From time to time there are advertisements in the papers about the week’s jackpot in the National Lottery. Sums range from a few million up to incredible amounts like £50 million or more. Even once, if I remember correctly, the jackpot was actually in excess of £100 million.

For the millions who buy tickets the dream is to win one of this amazing jackpots knowing that it would transform their lives. It certainly would in a material sense, enabling them to buy the house, the car or cars, of their dreams, maybe help other members of the family too. But the chance of winning the jackpot is very, very low.

No doubt some jackpot winners do handle the huge sums of money sensibility, but we also hear of big winners who spend foolishly and eventually end up broke again. Along the way they may also have shattered their family, fallen out with friends, given up their job and possibly got involved in heavy drinking, gambling and drugs.

We just naturally associate possessions with success in this material world, but are they? Material possessions can be a blessing or a curse, depending on our attitude to them.

If you are one of those millions who faithfully buy a ticket each week, good luck to you. But what if you were offered a guaranteed winning ticket in the lottery of life? Would you accept it knowing that no one could take it off you? Even better it is yours completely free!

Sound too good to be true? In a sense it does but that is what is on offer for you from God.


What do you get from this free winning ticket? All sorts of benefits but perhaps one of the greatest is peace of mind. A unique peace that comes from knowing that this life and this world is not all there is. The certainty that God is for you and with you in all the struggles of this physical life, and in all the blessings that we enjoy along the way. Because God is not some miserable, judgemental being looking to catch you doing wrong. God, in the form of Jesus Christ paid the penalty for your sins, whatever they are. Sin is not the problem although the consequences of sin are. We may suffer for our own foolishness and stupidity, or that of others,  but God never stops loving us individually and personally.

Your winning ticket guarantees you eternal life, no lottery jackpot can compare with that! It also guarantees you access to God in prayer at any time, daily, weekly or in a crisis situation. What are the other benefits? Too many to list here, but join us for a few weeks to find out about them.

No matter how rich or poor we may be material processions are never the key to real happiness. The only thing we will take with us when we die is our relationship with God, a pearl beyond price, our winning ticket  in the lottery of life. When do you want to collect it?


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