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Over the last few months and years we have seen an erosion of moral standards in our society.

The police’s absolutely shocking behaviour at Hillsborough where witness statements were altered and senior police officers lied. Their apparent unwillingness to pursue Jimmy Saville and Cyril Smith for their alleged vile paedophile behaviour. Finally the lies told to destroy the reputation of a cabinet minster. All makes you wonder about the honesty and integrity of our police service.

The MP’s expenses scandal shows a deep lack of moral standards at the top of our society and recent events concerning a cabinet minister who, to be blunt, fiddled her expenses suggest the lesson has not been learnt in our parliament. While the bankers seem to live on a different planet when they regard obscene bonus payments as a right; and none have been prosecuted or jailed for the recent scandals. Wrongly selling PPI insurance, fiddling the Libor rate to increase profits and their bonuses, the interest rate swaps which have been an appalling burden for small business to bear. Yet it seems they sail on unconcerned as long as the bonuses keeps rolling in. How can the management of the CO-OP bank have behaved so badly that ordinary staff will now lose their jobs because of the appalling breach of trust in the moral values of the movement? Also we see greed at the top of many of our large companies and building societies where salaries seem to have gone through the roof at executive level, while miserly pay rises or none at all are given to staff.

These values and principles that underpinned our society for many years came to be seen as old fashioned, restrictive, judgemental and negative. So they were gradually  diluted to the point where the generation at the top of our society today are the first to have grown up in a value free school and university system. How else can you explain behaviour that is accepted and tolerated today which would have been shocking 60 years ago? It would be wrong to see the past as some kind of golden age in which everything was so much better than today, because it was not. But it did have a more effective set of values and morals than those we see today.

There is, of course, no magic solution which can right all the wrongs. But in the bible are clear guidelines about values and morals that are as applicable today as they were 50 or 100 or 1000 years ago. Today you have to personally want to know them and voluntarily submit to them. They are not at the forefront in our schools or our society in the way they were many years ago. Real freedom comes from knowing and willingly applying them in our lives to day.

The values and wisdom taught in the new testament are surprisingly modern. They are true love in action. They are like a spring in a dry place, the source of a peaceful and happy life.

In fact being a christian today is actually to be a revolutionary, living by standards that society sees as backward and a waste of time. In the bible the question is posed … When Jesus Christ the son of both man and God returns, and he is coming again, will He find faith on earth? Will you be one of the faithful?

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