Grace Communion Church – Feeling Worthess

How strange it is that we live in a world of material blessings that our ancestors living a 100 years ago would regard as fulfilling every need, yet more people feel worthless, unfulfilled lonely and unloved than ever before.

Could it be that our homes, our cars, our computers, our iPhones and other processions are masking something we have lost in our current restless world? When my Mother, who was born in 1916, grew up all her family, Uncles, Aunts and cousins lived in the same two or three streets. They all lived in a small area of Birmingham. What they had was a great family relationship for many years. Sadly as my Mother and her cousins grew up, careers and marriage had them spread all over the town, and even moving away to London and other cities.

Materially they did not have much, it being a fairly poor area, certainly nothing like young people expect today, but they were happy and content in a way that not so many are today.

In my Mother’s twenties and thirties some of those close family relation ships were gradually lost, not helped by the war as my parents were bombed out of their home three times. But some of those close family relationships did stick although by the time my Mother died in 2010, she had outlived all her cousins.

Whenever she talked about her childhood it was not about material things but about the family relationships. Today families seem more scattered than ever before and it seems harder than ever to stay in touch. Sadly some parents almost never see their children and grandchildren.

The result is that whatever people may have in a material sense, the loss of close, family relationships can leave them feeling worthless, unfilled, lonely and unloved. Well, we can’t wave a magic wand and restore your family relationships and move all your family to live within walking distance.

But we can invite you to church to develop a relationship with God, who already loves you, and with our church members. It’s a chance once a week to meet and chat with some friendly people, enjoy a coffee or tea after the service, break the cycle of loneliness, of feeling worthless and unloved. Nor is it a condition that you believe in God when you come.

No one will force the bible or religion down your throat. Yes you will hear a sermon based on the bible and be invited to join in singing the hymns, but we are more interested in building a relationship with you than trying to make you share our beliefs.

Don’t stay home feeling worthless, unfulfilled, lonely and unloved. Join us for a few weeks and see how much the contact might help and encourage you. Why? Because in the eyes of God you are precious and loved, right now, just as you are.


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