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From Darkness into Light By Keith Hartrick Pastor of Grace Communion Crossgates East Leeds Magazine, April 2013

Easter is a special time of year for Christians. It’s a time for sober reflection and a time for rejoicing. To understand why you need to know that Jesus Christ was God from the beginning of time and will be for all eternity. But incredibly Jesus did not cling on to his position as an all powerful God but chose to be born a human being around 2000 years ago.

For 30 years he lived and worked as an ordinary human being experiencing all the emotions and temptations of humanity. Yet he never sinned.
At 30 years of age he began his ministry here on earth, spending three and a half years preaching, teaching and preparing a small group of disciples to carry on his work. They did not fully understand who he was and what he was teaching them at the time but something compelled them to follow him.

So his arrest, trial, crucifixion and death were a terrible shock to them. They were plunged into a depressing darkness and loss of hope on that black day we know as Good Friday. They feared for their own lives and wondered what the future held for them.
The bible tells us that it was a day of physical darkness as well. (Matt 27.45) For all Christians Good Friday is a day for sober reflection on the awesome sacrifice of the Lord and saviour of all humanity. It was humanity’s ultimate rejection of God. We often see that same rejection of God in our society today.

Yet from the darkness of death came the light of resurrection.
To the disciples astonishment Christ was resurrected on Easter Sunday and worked with and taught them for 40 days before ascending to heaven.
Suddenly the men who had been fearful and afraid were bold, courageous preachers empowered by the Holy Spirit, filled with the light of hope and able to bring 3000 people to Christ in a single day. (Acts 2.41)
Christ never ruled as a King or priest on earth, He commanded no armies, held no position of power or prominence yet he was and is the light of the world. (John 1. 1-5)
That light shines in the world today through Christians who reflect the light of Christ in their lives, some brightly and well, some rather dimly and even intermittently.
So Easter is a time for rejoicing and reflecting on what God has done, out of his incredible love for all humanity.
Easter is about the darkness of death being transformed into the light of hope for all of us. God’s sacrifice, in the person of Jesus, paying the penalty for my sins, and for those of all humanity, and releasing all of us into the glorious light of grace.

Hard to understand? Yes and no. Maybe this Easter it’s a puzzle for you, a bit like peering into the darkness when you can’t see. Come along any Saturday at 2pm to learn about this wonderful light so that next Easter will be a time of rejoicing for you.
Author : Keith Hartrick Pastor of Grace Communion Crossgates

If you are excited by this prospect but don’t know where to start, come and get to know our friendly group on Saturdays 2pm – 4.30pm at The GVWA Hall, Pendas Way, Crossgates, Leeds LS15 8LE or telephone 07852 981133 for more information.


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    Christ crucified! !
    The hope of Glory.

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