Grace Communion Church – Should Christians Vote?

In a general election year this is a question which some Christians may ask …. ‘Should a Christian vote?’ The answer is simple but before we get to that let’s just remind ourselves of a few key points.

Churches should be havens of peace and refreshment from the stress and pressures of the world we live in ( Ephesans 4.1-3 ). Christians should be guided by the foundational principle of love. So whichever political party you may feel inclined to support it’s important to keep it to yourself. Why? Because we don’t want to offend other Christians as politics is an area in which many people have strong feelings, that if expressed, can cause upset in a church, a family or at work. It’s important to remember that God is not involved in politics and no political party is going to reflect the biblical view of love in every area. No earthly government of any persuasion is like God’s government.

It is easy to study the bible and find scriptures which you could use to support a political party’s position. But the bible long pre-dates any political party that is canvassing for our votes today.

By all means listen to what they say and read what they publish. Consider the position they are espousing from the biblical point of view of love. It is likely that most democratic parties will have some policies which you feel reflect fair values in a variety of areas. So you may wish to consider which party has the most policies that seem to show Christian love and common sense …. whether it is concerning the economy & business or the NHS.

But remember ,driven by a desire for power and advantage for themselves and their party, they sometimes speak smooth words promising what they think we want to hear rather than what is good for the majority, or what is best for this election rather than what is best long term. Their purpose really should be that of serving us in a humble and loving way.

It is vitally important that no Christian tries to influence others on whether to vote or not and especially not to pressurise them to vote for a particular party. So, should we be voting in the general election or not? The answer is that it’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves. The bible does not command us to vote or not to vote. Some Christians may feel that their understanding of the bible requires them not to vote or participate in elections. They are right. Some may feel their understanding of the bible requires them to vote as a responsible citizen. They also are right. It is an entirely personal decision as to whether you do or don’t. Whatever your decision it is important that it remains your personal and private one.

If churches or denominations start to publically support one party or another that’s between them and God. Let them get on with it and ask yourself this question … ‘Will that promote the unity and harmony that God wants to see in each church, denomination and among Christians?’ John17.20-21

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