Grace Communion Church – The Glass Path

What is your hope? Depending on your age it may be to do well at school and pass your exams. To get a good job with regular pay rises and promotions, to meet and marry the right person, in time to buy a nice house and car, to see your children do better than you have.

To be able to use your talents to the best of your ability and be recognised for that. An older person may hope to stay fit and well in their old age. To have an adequate pension and enjoy a well earned retirement.

There is nothing wrong with all those hopes as they are all normal human but worldly desires.

But what about your spiritual hope?

What about a hope that goes beyond anything you can hope for or achieve in this world?

A hope that is not dependant on your success or failure in this world.

Do you have the hope of eternal life? Do you have the hope of a better, more prosperous world in which every individual is loved and valued for who they are?

A world in which every individual is able to use their talents and abilities to the full. A world with no more crying, no more pain and no more death.

Christians have that hope, in fact more than just hope, it’s an absolute belief.

As a Christian you walk on a glass path that no one else can see. Imagine walking between two very high buildings on a glass path which people watching you from below can’t see. To them you appear to be walking on thin air.

The foundation of that glass path is the love God has for you personally, and for all human beings. A love expressed in the life of Jesus during his time on earth, a love expressed in his suffering and death on the cross, a love expressed in his promise to return.

Our Christian hope is in the promises we have from God, a hope that is beyond what this world offers. In our daily lives we walk along that glass path which we can see clearly, even though others can’t.

Would you like to have your eyes opened to see the path too?

Join us for a few weeks and see if you can see it!

Want to know more? Why not join us any Saturday at

2.00p.m at the GVWA Hall. Pendas Way, Leeds LS15 8LE

tel/text 07966 112725 for more information.


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