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The Humble Sprout

If you compiled a list of the most popular vegetables , probably peas and carrots would come top, or very near the top, and the humble sprout near the bottom. The sprout’s problem is that most restaurants and cooks boil them in water, which makes them slightly soggy and tasteless.

The proper way to cook sprouts is to steam them gently and then they taste as they should, absolutely delicious.

What has that got to do with Christianity and Christians?

Well the gospel is good news for all humanity but we can ruin it by presenting it the wrong way. Let’s avoid talking to people about sin, repentance, about their faults and failings, about them going to hell. That makes the gospel as soggy and tasteless as a badly cooked sprout.

Lets talk instead about God’s love for them, personally and individually, about God’s desire to have a personal relationship with them, about the incredible future that lies ahead for all humanity. When the bible says God is love, it means it.

All of humanity is included in God’s wonderful plan, it is not exclusive to Christians. But Christians have a responsibility to present the gospel in a positive and uplifting way when asked a reason of the hope that is in them. So when an opportunity arises to share our faith we should do so humbly, gently and with the focus on the benefit of having a relationship with a loving and caring God.

We should be able to present the truth of the gospel, the good news, so it comes across like a properly cooked sprout, absolutely delicious.

People may forget what we say, they may forget what we do, but they won’t forget how we made them feel. Being a Christian is a positive in this somewhat bleak and negative world, and we are commanded to be lights. Does our light burn brightly enough to attract people or is it so dim they can’t even see it?

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