Grace Communion Church – Where is the Light?



From November to February we go through a period of darker mornings and nights, often with a gloomy, dark day as well. It is not my favourite time of year and I look forward to the spring when the days again get brighter and longer.

We can take light for granted so this time of year is a reminder of the importance of light. Light drives out darkness, whether the light comes from your lights at home, your car headlights when you are out driving, or the torch you use to light up a dark path. My job involved long hours so for a long time in the winter I would go to work and come back again in the dark.

In fact some people claim they are affected by an illness called SAD or seasonally affected disorder. The dark days and nights make them feel sad, discouraged and depressed. One of the treatments is to sit with a special light for a time during the winter months.

Fortunately our dark months are balanced by the lighter and warmer months of spring, summer and autumn.

But for many people today we live in a dark world all year round. The terrible situation in the middle east with the awful executions of individuals and thousands forced to flee their homes in fear of their lives is one example of today’s darkness. The situations in Ukraine, Libya and other places, while just as bad have been driven off the front pages. The famine in parts of Africa is hardly reported as are other atrocities in other parts of the world. Here at home we seem to have constant murders, while the scale of the shocking sexual abuse of children seems like an ever spreading cess pit.

In fact there is so much dark news our media simply cannot report it all and mainly focus on the latest horrible situation for a time and then move on to the next one.

In all this where is the Light? Where is the real hope for humanity? When will the darkness end and people start treating each other with love and respect?

All three questions have the same answer, Jesus Christ. In the book of John, chapter One, verses 4 & 5 we are told that Christ is the light of the world. That when he came as that light the darkness of the world did not understand it. A huge majority still do not understand that today.

The world’s problem today is that it lives in a spiritual darkness and refuses to see or accept the light. For now God allows that and humanity is free to continue on it’s blind, destructive pathway. Today God allows humanity free will to choose the right or the wrong way. So often now and throughout history humanity chooses the wrong way and brings more darkness instead of light.

But Christ will return to this earth and bring a light so powerful humanity will not be able to resist it. We do have a bright future, at Christ’s return humanity’s destructive nature will be changed. Isaih chapter 2 verse 4 speaks of a time when the weapons of war will be made into tools for the harvest and nations will not make war any more.

So for Christians, although the spiritual darkness of today’s world saddens us, know that we can look forward to a much lighter tomorrow. A future of spiritual light which will be the direct opposite of what we see around us today.

So where is the light? It’s there if you want to find it. Ask God to show you where it is and follow where He leads you.

Then the darkness of today’s world or the seasonal darkness of our winter season will be put into perspective as you walk in the light.


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