Grace Communion Church – Who am I?

One of the strangest beliefs about Christians is that they are in some way perfect, good, solid, well behaved and rather dull people, who are judgemental, self righteous and look down on other people. So it’s good to look at some of the people in the bible, used by God, and realise that they were anything but perfect.


So let’s have a little fun and see if you can work out who this person is?
WHO AM I ? I was the youngest in a large family, sent out to look after the family’s flock of sheep. As a young shepherd protecting our flock I fought a lion and later showed the same courage when I fought a giant. I was an excellent musician, selected to play for the King and also to become a soldier and leader in his army.

grace-comm-who-am-iI was granted such favour in the King’s eyes that I was allowed to marry one of his daughters. I became popular with the people because of my exploits with the army and the King became jealous. Eventually I was forced to flee for my life and became a fugitive. As a fugitive for many years, other fugitives were attracted to follow me and I welded them into an effective fighting force. When the King was killed fighting Israel’s enemies some of the people demanded that I became King. Both as a fugitive and as King I had a weakness for women and had several wives. Most of my wives had children which led to some family problems later in my life.

My weakness for women led to me committing adultery with the wife of one of the commanders in my army. As a result I ended up having him killed to cover up my sin, but the woman was pregnant, and we had a son who died shortly after he was born. Despite me fasting and praying passionately for his life he died and his death hit me hard. I was also faced with a rebellion by one of my grown up sons which meant, even though I was King, I had to flee and then suffered the agony of my son being killed by one of my soldiers.

Despite all this I united the tribes of Israel into a nation and God granted me many victories in battles with other nations.
In a long and eventful life I never lost my faith in God and sought to follow him and give him credit for all I achieved. But there were times when my faith was weak and I made many mistakes. Despite my stupidity at times I never doubted that God loved me and I was a servant to him. Incredibly, although I was a murderer and committed adultery, was not the best of Fathers to my many children and made many mistakes in my life, God called me a man after his own heart.

WHO AM I ? David, shepherd, musician, giant killer, soldier, son in law to the King, commander of his armies, fugitive, King first of just a few of the tribes of Israel, but over some years King of a united Israel, murderer, adulterer, husband of many wives and Father of many children, including King Solomon who ruled Israel in a time of amazing peace and prosperity, for which I laid the foundation. Read David’s story in 1 Samuel 16 to 2 Samuel 24; Acts 13.22.

Perfect Christians don’t exist. God loves and uses ordinary, flawed human beings. If God can call a flawed human being like David, a man after his own heart, what holds you back?


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