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Who Cares?

In the last ten years two very good friends of mine, both fellow ministers, have faced the sad situation of having to become the 24 / 7 carer for their wives. Both had worsening health problems for about 5 years before they died, putting a constantly increasing burden on their husbands. Yet it was incredible to see the love, care and devotion shown by both men. Neither ever complained and all the various health professionals who were invovled were themselves amazed at the love with which both ladies were surrounded in their final years.
Both men would say they did nothing extra-ordinary but both demonstrated a humbling servant attitude in the most difficult circumstances. In one case they just reached their 50th wedding anniversary, in the other their marriage lasted just over 55 years.
grace-comm-who-caresOur news media today are focused on bad news so neither men’s story will make the papers or TV news. But as an example of deep christian love they both should be front page news. But Who cares?
How many others are in the same position, coping with the demands of a seriously ill husband, wife, partner. child or elderly relative? Whilst we are blessed with a wonderful National Health Service it seemed to me that neither man got much real help beyond the immediate medical needs of their wives. How many carers are there out there who also feel unsupported, emotionally drained, dog tired but keep going because they love and care for the person they are caring for. How many struggle through each day out of a sense of duty, compassion and concern, worried that if they don’t do it their loved one will simply not be looked after with the same depth of love and care.
People who are loving 24 / 7 carers are heroes in today’s society but they often feel isolated and alone. So Who cares?
Well, God cares. The bible tells us that God is love, ( see 1 John 4 ) and in loving others we are reflecting God’s love to us. God deeply loves and cares for every human being who is alive now, has ever lived or will ever live. God knows the burden you are carrying and knows you and what your needs are.

In 1 Peter 5.7 we are told to cast all our cares upon Him because He cares for you. So if you are caring for a loved one 24 / 7, finding it hard going, feeling alone, unloved and unappreciated take your feeling and emotions to God in prayer. Ask for help to cope and care. In some way you will receive it, not necessarily in the way you would like or think you should have it, but in some way God will give you the support and help you need.
May be by leading you to join in with us one Saturday afternoon, with or without your loved one, depending on how mobile they are, for a couple of hours of peace, refreshment and encouragement on a Saturday afternoon. Why not come along for the full service from 2.15pm to 5pm, or join us for tea, biscuits and friendship from 4pm to 5pm.


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