Grace Communion Church – You are Included

What’s the most amazing thing about Christianity? The fact that there is a God? The Virgin birth ? Christ’s death on the cross or his resurrection? All of those are amazing but I suggest one of the most amazing thing about Christianity is that YOU ARE INCLUDED!

What does that mean? Well at Easter Christians remember and celebrate the death of Christ on the cross and his resurrection. But did Christ die only for Christians? No, he died for all humanity, anyone who lived in the past, is alive now, or will live in the future.

What that means is that while you may not be interested in God at present, even totally ignore Him, God is interested in you and does not ignore you. God is involved in the life of every human being even though they might not know it.

However bad you are, whatever evil you have done or had done to you, you are not alone. The God who rules the entire universe knows you, cares for you, loves you! Isn’t that amazing?

The problem is that as human beings we restrict God. God is far bigger than we realise. The God who came to earth, was born of a human being, lived a perfect sinless life, died to pay the penalty of sins for all humanity, was resurrected, and again sits at the right hand of God, did not do it all by accident. God has a plan to redeem all humanity and nothing can stop it from succeeding.

grace-comm-you-are-includedLooking at the world and the mess it is in through human eyes makes it hard to believe that there is a God and He has a plan and purpose. But as amazing as it is, there is a plan and purpose and YOU ARE INCLUDED in it.
Believing in God requires faith, it require you to believe in what you cannot see. ( Hebrews 11.1)  But even the faith to believe comes from God. You don’t have to struggle to earn your salvation or be afraid of facing a heartless, demanding, tough Judge when you die.

God’s love for you far surpasses anything you can imagine. It is that love that Christians are celebrating over the Easter period, the realisation that God, in the person of Jesus Christ has done it all for us. All we have to do is respond to that love.

We sometimes sing the hymn, “Amazing Grace.” That is what Christianity is all about, God’s amazing grace for us, humanity. Whether you know it or not YOU ARE INCLUDED in that amazing grace!

Hard to believe? Want to find out more? Join us for a few weeks to discover what I mean when I say YOU ARE INCLUDED. But guess what? Even if you don’t, YOU ARE STILL INCLUDED! Have a happy Easter and ask yourself, why has God done this for me?


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