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Kings of Cycling supported the ‘Leeds Let’s Cycle the City’ a 60km cycle ride around the perimeter of Leeds to celebrate the 60th birthday of Leeds Mencap on 30th June. We didn’t actually cycle but were on hand for support and ongoing repairs and we were at the cycling family fun day part for what is a very worthy charity.
I also took part in the Etape de Dales 112 miles ride round the Yorkshire Dales on May 19th, it was very, very tough. It takes in the major climbs in the Yorkshire Dales and that means steep and technical ascents and descents as well.  I finished it in seven hours which I was happy with as really I was there to pace set for a friend. That said, although I wasn’t doing it for the view I saw some stunning scenary and  I learned why Yorkshire people call their county Gods own Country.
We had a lovely surprise the other week when Kendal Middleton Jessop, came with her Dad and paid a surprise visit. We’d donated a childs bike and although it was something we didn’t want to make a big deal out of I just want to say a big thank you for coming to see us, I must admit we were all speechless and very humbled. We wish Kendal and her family all our best for the future.
Cycling is becoming more and more popular in this country, probably as a result of the success of the likes of Bradley Wiggins and his fellow Olympians. But we’ve noticed an increase in sales recently among the 40-plus generation. Next time you’re out in your car and you see a group of cyclists riding together, have a look, you’ll see they’re not all teenagers, although I should add keep your eye on the road and don’t knock them off.
I’ve thought about this a lot recently and also spoken to a few new customers belonging to that age group. My conclusions were it was just an excuse to get dressed up in lycra!
No it wasn’t really, it just seems to be a lot of people choosing cycling as a means to get fit as it’s low impact,  can be relatively cheap, it’s great exercise and is a very social activity.


Whether it’s weight, heart or brain, your body can benefit from getting out there on your bike. It’s not as hard on the knees as jogging, not as boring as swimming and gyms can be intimidating, not to mention the expense.
Cycling is like a breath of fresh air for the 40+ generation,  it get’s you out in fresh air and it’s fun and it can be a powerful stress relief. You can just go for a cycle up the road or you can push yourself physically, giving your mind a bit of time off. Yes stresses and worries will still be there when you finish your ride but the peace and quiet of the road might help your mindset.
And it can be as affordable as you make it, we’ve second hand bikes as well as new, either have a look on the web site or just call in the shop. And that lonely forgotten about bike in the garage… bring it in – we’ll breathe new life into it and get you out on the road, now is the perfect time to get ‘On Yer Bike.’

Mencap Lets Cycle the City
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Video of sponsored bike ride for Mencaps 60th birthday.

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