Kings of Cycling – Tour de Yorkshire & the Cycling Super Highway

kings-of-cycling-super-highwaySo, the Tour de Yorkshire is now coming to East Leeds, Stage Two passes through Thorner, Scholes and Barwick on Saturday 30th April. The ladies race has secured
sponsorship with Asda supermarkets and will start early in the morning, with the mens later in the day.
Starting in Otkings-of-cycling-le-tourley we’ll see it round here early Saturday morning, (the mens is in the afternoon) it passes through Thorner, I’m really looking forward to the sprint at Scholes, then on to Barwick-in-Elmet, crossing the A1 at Aberford. Riders then go past Lotherton Hall, into Sherburn-in-Elmet, down to South Milford, Monk Fryston and beyond.
Organisers‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ have also announced that the prize fund makes it the most lucrative women’s cycle race in the world, and there is a total of £50,000 on offer to individuals and teams.  I’ve cycled myself a lot in those areas, especially in the last few weeks as I know the roads are in tip top shape.


kings-of-cycling-advertThe cycling super highway connecting Leeds and Bradford has had it’s critics and as a cyclist it’s easy to find fault with it, it’s certainly not perfect. But still, it’s better than nothing and it can’t have been easy to build around existing infrastructure. As someone who suffered a bad accident after a collision with a car, I’m all for anything that increases safety for cyclists and people have to remember, it’s Leeds not Denmark or Holland where they’ve had this kind of thing for years. The difference between here and there is most people cycle knowing they will be safe and I hope this cycle path will encourage non cyclists to er cycle, in the knowledge they kings-of-cycling-voucheraren’t sharing the same space as an articulated lorry.


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