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Welcome again to our monthly musings. Sumer is now truly upon us, or at least that is what the calendar says, and we did get off to a good start of the world cup campaign with lots of people having barbecues on the Saturday of England’s first match.  Unfortunately as I write, England are now definitely out of the tournament at the end of the first round, but I hope fans continue to enjoy the competition and the associated socializing.  The evening matches are at ideal times to fit in with a good barbecue and a few drinks. We have re-introduced some of our popular barbecue products such as minty lamb kebabs, Moroccan Kebabs and crispy lamb skewers. These all make delicious tasty  finger food ideal for your outdoor grill.

  Our chef David has also come up trumps with two new summer salads. We have a Greek pasta salad, which is a personal favourite, and also the latest which is a melon, feta, mint and pancetta pasta salad. This is very tasty with a nice contrast between the sweetness of the melon and the saltiness of the pancetta. To add to this he has also reintroduced our garlic new potatoes and rosemary new potatoes. These can be roasted off in the foil trays we serve them in. to give an ideal accompaniment to your meat.

  Just in case any of you were not aware, we do cook all our own meats for our wilsonsplatterdeli counter. This includes, Roast Beef, Boiled and Roast Ham, Roast Turkey and Pork, also spicy chicken. This ensures that you get the best quality cooked meats and that you don’t get the added water associated with similar commercial products.

  With our Roast Beef for example, using our new steam oven we can roast the beef all night to make sure it is lovely and tender but also at not too high a temperature to make sure it stays deliciously moist. Please try some; I am sure you will be impressed. Our Spicy Chicken is made with only the best locally supplied fresh chicken breast fillets. We season these in a blend of spices and then cook them at a steam setting to ensure that they are tasty and moist. When sliced up this makes the ideal healthy sandwich filling. With our Hams we only cook the central cut so we get  lovely round slices without all the small bits. These are also cooked low and slow overnight to ensure we get a tender moist product and our legs of outdoor reared pork are cooked in a similar fashion to give the same result.

   We use all these home cooked meats in our freshly made sandwiches which are on sale in the shop. Even if you don’t see a sandwich you like, don’t hesitate to ask and our deli staff will be pleased to make you one to your own liking. As well as sandwiches we also make buffet platters to order, so if you are having an office meeting or party at home please ask Karen or Michelle on the Deli to give you a quote.

  Unfortunately this month we have said goodbye to Chris who worked for us for over 20 years. He has moved onto pastures new and we wish him well for his future. Chris has served us well and will be missed by everyone.

  At the same time we would like to welcome Pete who has just joined us. Although he has only been with us a couple of weeks now, he has fitted straight in and we can see he is going to be an asset to the shop. We have also set on a trainee called Curtis. He might have served some of you already. He is keen to learn and has a nice manner on the counter. Please say hello to Pete and Curtis next time you are in the shop.

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