Lee Murtagh – A Man Without Ambition is Dead.

Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. It asks too little of yourself. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential.
Barack Obama

I already feel I’ve won a battle by actually getting over to America. Regular readers will know the original idea to fight there was on the Tyson Fury undercard in April, it didn’t happen but the seed was planted and the advantage of being self managed is I can take matters into my own hands. So I phoned, emailed and faxed people, some things came to nothing but then, like buses, they came in three’s. Recently Someone asked me- Why? I’d achieved my ambition of the Irish title, why press further. My answer is reach for the stars. A man without ambition is dead.  I’ve managed to get the biggest fight of my life although I hasten to add, not the most important – the most important fights were the Irish title fights.

But when I think back to a couple of years ago, I was fighting for nothing just to get a chance, I know people were calling me a washed up fighter but if I hadn’t done that then I  wouldn’t be where I am now. One step back to take a dozen forward.  It might have come late in my career but win, lose or draw – I’M THERE.   I won’t be looking back and thinking of missed opportunities.
Even when the contract came through from the New York state commission I still didn’t quite believe it was actually happening. I think it hit home when I was sent the promotional posters and a picture of a massive billboard advertising the fight. I’m putting this column together towards the end of July and I’ll be going out to New York on 1st August, a week before the fight. I’ve got my old trainer Glen Crawford working with me and I’ll have a team I can trust behind me.

Hector Camacho himself was a boxing legend, a hero of mine along with Marvin Hagler.  I’ve every respect for his son -Hector Camacho Junior who has an impressive record of 56 wins, 31 of which were knock outs, he’s won title’s at every level, however,  I’m approaching this fight as if I was fighting the man himself and am confident I can cause an upset.  I’m going there as the underdog, so I’ve nothing to lose, the pressure isn’t on me. We’re both the same height and both south paw’s which is unusual and should make it interesting. It could be like a chess match, it could be a war, it could be three or four fights rolled into one. I’ve been working on my movement as I need to change it for this, A southpaw generally is left handed so leads with his right and follows up with a straight left. Generally if I’m fighting an orthodox boxer, it’s like a mirror image, but this time it becomes more awkward as we both fight the same. So it’s finally  happening, I’ll keep you up to date in the next issue and also let you know about the other forthcoming fights in America.

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  1. Sean Burnell says:

    Good luck Lee, it’s been great reading your column over the last few years..keep it going. Unbelievable to think you’ve gone from the Star to New York.

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