Lee Murtagh – American Adventure v Hector Camacho Jnr.

It seems an age ago since the Camacho fight. But in some ways I’m glad it’s been a few weeks as I can write this column with my reflective head on. The whole American experience was out of this world, I can’t thank all at Pretty Girl Promotions enough for looking after me while I was out there.

For those who don’t know the fight went the distance and I lost on points. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. I’d flown over a few days before and my fitness and weight were good. I weighed in at the correct weight but Camacho weighed in twelve pounds over.  This put the whole fight, in fact the whole show in doubt and I could have got paid and walked away as I had fulfilled my side of the contract. But then I hadn’t travelled all that way not to fight, so it went ahead.

Press Conference

Press Conference

Camacho Juniors style of fighting has always been to lean into his opponent and I knew he’d try to use the extra weight to his advantage. I’d work out a gameplan with my coach and stuck to it. I thought he’d come at me early on and try and gain a quick knock out, he’s got thirty KO’s on his record, so obviously he’s capable but my plan was to keep my right hand up and keep moving  to the left and staying away while coming in on the inside when he leaned into me.

My coach wasn’t able to travel at the last minute so I was in the corner with my corner men who I didn’t really know, so I wasn’t able to get the view from outside the ring. After round one, I thought he didn’t land a punch on me, I’ve taken that round on points, the second round  the same, third again but after the fourth I stopped counting, his punches just weren’t  landing and I could tell I was frustrating him. Then the spoiling tactics and moaning started to the  referee, I always think a fighter is in trouble when he starts moaning to the ref, it’s a cry for help.  I think Camacho’s moaning got to him and I was deducted three points throughout the fight. Now, if you bear in mind I’ve had 51 pro fights and only ever been   deducted one point throughout my entire boxing career, you’ll understand I’m not a dirty fighter and I’ve got reasons to feel a little hard done by.

So the points decision went against me but I didn’t feel like I’d lost. When Roberto Duran fought Robbie Sims, Duran said afterwords, ‘how can a guy lose a fight and come out a winner.’

That’s how I felt and I had Americans, Puerto Ricans as well as Irish coming up to me wondering how I’d lost. When I left that stadium later that night, I thought to myself, I’d sooner be me than him.

As a result of the fight, it’s made my dream of defending the Irish title over there a step closer. I’ve been offered fights in Buffalo and Florida, there’s talk of Texas and back to Rochester for

St.Patricks day show, but first I’m hoping to fight out there again before the year is out.

Lastly, I’ve mentioned before about film maker Ronald J Wright who has been filming me for the last eighteen months. Ron hired a camera crew over there and the whole thing is going to be    edited into a 70 minute documentary, it’s unbelievable to think the whole American adventure could possibly be put on general release.

Entering the Ring

Entering the Ring


In the ring with Camacho

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  1. I’ve seen some of this fight on You Tube and Lee was very unlucky, all credit to him for going over there and having a crack though.

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