Lee Murtagh’s Boxing Diary – Geordies and Perseverance



We resume after the summer break with my next show at the Area Suite on 9th September. It’s a busy show with fifteen fights scheduled, thirteen semi-pro and two professional. Made in Leeds TV will be filming for the last episode of the Spring/Summer series. As I’ve said before there has been a knock on effect from the TV program which is not only shown round here but throughout the whole of the ‘Made’ franchise region.

lee-murtagh-mark-blackOne of the tie ups I’ve done is with a boxing club in Newcastle who are bringing a team down for the fight which includes up and coming pro Jack Johnson who I will also be promoting in the future. Jack might be a relative newcomer but his name has some pedigree, in 1908, a certain Jack Johnson from Galveston, Texas defeated Canadian Tommy Burns to become the first black heavyweight world champion. Also making his pro debut is Russ Doherty, a light middleweight who has worked his way through the semi-pro ranks before turning professional this year.

The rest of the bill contains the usual suspects at semi pro level. Wayne Harwood and Ryan Taylor are both on a learning curve and improving with every fight whilst two boxers who came late to the sport are also on the bill.

Lee Williams age 41 came to me three years ago as a white collar fighter, he just wanted the experience of one fight, just to say he’d done it. Three years later he’s still here and has even had a tilt at a couple of regional belts.

Mark Black from Seacroft is thirty five years old. He’s been with me a couple of years now, he trains five times a week and is a testament to perseverance. As a bantamweight fighter, (he weighs in at eight stone six) it’s always difficult to find opponents and quite often he’s been in the ring against more experience opponents and often been on the painful end of a defeat which might have prompted many a boxer to pack it in for good. But in my last show at Bramley Phoenix he quite literally was the star of the show as he recorded his first win. We’ve had our ups and downs, he’s left twice and come back but he finally got his reward at Bramley and the smile on his face at the end was worth as much as any Championship belt.

The Bethlehem road show continues into September where I am putting on a show in York which is also going to be on Made in Leeds TV. I’m quite excited about a young boxer on the bill, local lad, seventeen years old Hamas Ali who is just starting out, he’s got a couple of wins under his belt already and I’m interested to see how he progresses over the course of the next few months.



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