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Realisation Time

Friday 9th September saw my first show since the summer break and what a show it was. The first two fights set the tone for the night, they were ferocious.
First up was Liam McElduff who made his semi-pro début at the tender age of sixteen. He’s only boxed for around six weeks but he’s shown great attitude, training twice a day and quite clearly he’s willing to learn. He was nervous before the fight and needed a bit of a pep talk but he certainly delivered. Liam has natural talent by the shed load and he out-boxed a more experienced nineteen year old, winning the fight on points.
Next up was Mr Perseverance himself; Seacroft’s Mark Black who scored his second consecutive win and just seems to be getting better and better, a case of the penny dropping and confidence breeding confidence. East End Park’s Marcus Howett came in at short notice due to a hand injury to earn a hard fought draw, it wasn’t his best performance but like I said afterwards “You could box better than that and still lose.”
Ryan Taylor got back to winning ways after two defeats in some style, scoring three sensational knockdowns in the opening three rounds. His opponent must have been made of granite as he got up from them all and all credit to him for that and for going the distance, however, there was only one winner.
lee-liam-markAnother Liam with natural talent, Cross Gates fighter Liam Hayes had perhaps the fight of the night. He’d stepped up a weight to super middleweight and was finding the going tough against a very experienced opponent and I think he thought he was all but beaten after the opening two rounds. I can’t print what I said to him at the end of the second (although I believe the Made in Leeds mics picked it up), let’s just say it was an X-rated motivational speech because I hadn’t given up on this fight, and it did the trick as Liam went out in the third and turned it into a dog fight before knocking his opponent out with a stunning body shot. I hope this is realisation time for Liam, he’s got talent oozing out of his back side and I think he needs to learn from this fight and try and get to grips with just how good he could be.
The semi-pro part of the show was headlined by 41 year old Lee Williams who bulldozed his way to the Northern Area title, proving age doesn’t have to be a barrier if you’re dedicated enough.
Onto the professional fights, Ross Doherty came from Derby with about a hundred followers who really helped make a carnival atmosphere. I’m a good friend of his manager Dan Gray and was only too happy to promote his first pro fight.
He was up against Marty Kayes a veteran of around three hundred fights at various weights and levels and it was a baptism of fire for Ross but he stepped up and edged a narrow but deserved points win. All credit to Marty for the entertainment though.
Many people commented afterwards, it was the best show for a while, a great atmosphere, plenty of evenly matched fights and knock downs or drama in every bout.
The run up to Christmas see’s me having a busy time of it with my next Aria show on November 11th but before then on October 8th Newcastle’s Jak Jonson who I now manage will be fighting former World Military Champion Michael Kelly for the WBU European Regional Belt up there in Geordie land. Bethlehem are taking a team to York on 18th October and on November 26th, Tasif Khan will fight for the UBF World title, which will be the American based UBF’s first on these shores.


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