Let there be fire!

Hollie Avent S&R Stoves explains the advantages of installing a wood burning stove in your home. 

With our pockets being constantly stretched by ever increasing energy bills, the latest ‘accessory’ to have in the home is none other than a wood burning stove. Whilst summer is upon us and the last thing we really want to think about is the cold dismal weather that winter brings, we need to start preparing for the season that brings our  penniless pockets. But how would you feel if I were to tell you there was an alternative that could not only save your well-earned cash, but create a sustainable future for energy?

What will it cost me?

  The initial cost of a wood burner can look awfully expensive, but with the big six likely to increase energy prices in the future, you need to be thinking for the long run. S & R Stoves are a newly established company who are local to the area and wanting more people to be able to heat their homes economically after  discovering themselves, how much money it can save. A wood burner can cost anything from £300 -£3000 dependent on your budget.

Obviously the more you pay, the better quality you can expect, however it is completely down to what you as the customer want and need to heat your home efficiently.

 The installation is something S & R Stoves also provide.  Installation is likely to be between £1000 and £1300. Our fully trained, HETAS registered engineers  will come out to give free, individual quotes upon request and welcome any like for like written quote.  Don’t be afraid to ask to see  identification and the  registration card of any company.

What are the advantages?

This is for your own piece of mind and ensures you they are trained, approved and qualified to carry out your installation. S & R Stoves welcome you to ask questions because they want you to get the information you need. It is proven that energy bills will decrease over time, saving the average UK household up to £300 on their annual energy bills. Wood burners cost around 4p per KWh to run compared to gas, which back in 2011, was at 6p per KWh.

 People are likely to be concerned that a wood burner is only fitted in one room and therefore the rest of the home will not warm. Opening doors and allowing the heat to rise and circulate could allow your home to warm without the use of the central heating. Not only are you saving your money, you are helping to create a sustainable source of energy for the future. Using gas requires the use of fossil fuels (a non-renewable energy source), which we are forever told, are running out. By switching to a wood burner, we are allowing ourselves to use renewable energy in the form of wood. As long as we can obtain fuel from a sustainable source then we are helping the planet as well as ourselves.


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