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seussical2Leeds Insurance Dramatic & Operatic Society (LIDOS) are one of the leading amateur theatre groups currently performing in West Yorkshire. Initially set up by insurance workers in the city, they have been providing good value family entertainment for over forty years.

Originally based at the Civic Theatre, they moved to the Carraigeworks Theatre and though there are currently very few insurance workers in the group, the group contains people from all walks of life and the age group spans from seven upwards.

LIDOS put on three shows a year, a pantomime in January, a musical in June and either a play or a cabaret in September. They also offer work shops from time to time. In the past they have been able to donate to various local charities and last year they handed over £1000 each to five different charities. This summer’s musical is Seussical. And if you’ve never heard of Doctor Suess, don’t let it put you off. A madcap mix, somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and Monty Python, let the Cat in the Hat take you on a trip into the ‘fantastical, bombastical and songtastical’ world of Dr.Seuss. Horton the Elephant discovers a small world floating by on a speck of dust. This small world is floating out of control through the universe and is the home of the Whos, including Jojo – a Who with “thinks” that defy all description. Between them they must find a way to save their world.

There’s a strong East Leeds presence in the play. Simon Flint aged 22 from Halton is playing the part of the Grinch. He joined LIDOS last year for the Wizard of Oz and recently signed up for an entertainment agency where he eventually hopes to pursue a career in acting and singing.

Emma Taylor aged 25 from Crossgates has no such aspirations. A primary school teacher, she’s always been interested in performing arts, right through school and university, though these days, treading the boards is more of a way of relaxing.

Twenty seven year old Emma Shortall from Whitkirk is also the press and publicity officer for LIDOS. Emma first joined LIDOS 16 years ago when she came to the theatre with her Mum who worked in the Civic Theatre box office and still works at the Carraigeworks. She’s lost count of the number of shows she’s appeared in. Currently working for NPower, she would love to sing full time although you get the impression she would have to be dragged away from LIDOS kicking and screaming.  So there you have it, East Leeds really has got talent and they’re joining the rest of the cast to make a fantastic all singing, all  dancing, lively, vibrant, riotous show suitable for all ages. Judging by the rehearsals, the show will be a delight,  go along and join the kind hearted elephant, the sumptuously sonorous kangeroo, the slinky jungle maidens and the mean monkeys in this joyful mix of loveable madness which will also no doubt tug at a few heartstrings.

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