Lidos Presents – Supertown

Hot on the heels of their successful
production of Seussical, LIDOS Amateur Dramatics group have pushed the boat out a bit further with a brave and inspiring musical, Supertown.

No, it’s not about Leeds, although it could be. Supertown is a town which plays hosts to an alliance of superheroes, who are there to protect the normal residents from supervillians who appear to be lurking round every corner. Not everyone is entirely happy about this, particularly Ste, who is sick of the Superheroes getting all the attention of the local ladies, particularly his girlfriend Sally.

But the real Superheroes in this are LIDOS Theatre group themselves. Written by members James Sidgwick and Rob Sanders, it took some super hero guts from the LIDOS committee to give it the go ahead.

“We were nervous about it. It was the first time both of us had written something as expansive as this. Sure I’ve written songs and stuff before but not a full musical. We’d only played it to our nearest and dearest so it was terrifying pitching it to LIDOS. My main concern was not whether they would take it on but whether we would embarrass ourselves. Once they accepted it, the nerves kind of disappeared because I know firsthand just how good the LIDOS team are, whether it’s the choreography, the stage management or the acting,” James explained. He needn’t have worried, the committee loved it and were happy to launch this brave new world. Who knows in a few years time Sidgwick and Sanders might be up there with Gilbert & Sullivan. They certainly have a chemistry working together as Rob explained, fresh from a beach in the Bahamas.

“James provided the lyrics and I put the tunes to them but it’s all a fusion of us both really. My strengths are his weaknesses and vice versa. I work four months on and off for Disney Cruise Lines, so I’m surrounded by music and inspirational people. I only work in the evenings, so it gave me plenty of time during the day to dedicate myself to writing this. So, yes it’s true, a lot of the music was written on a beach in the Bahamas. I guess my job funded my hobby!”

As well as the usual East Leeds contingent of Emma Shortall and Simon Flint, they were joined by Sandra Ramsden.

“I used to enjoy amateur dramatics when I was younger, then I had a break from it before a friend dragged me down to LIDOS around four years ago. I’ve been in five shows now, the first was the Sound of Music, where I played a nun, which certainly made my friends and family snigger.”

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  1. Looking forward to this, I took my family to see Suessical after reading the article, we thought it was fantastic.

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