Looking Forward with IKS by Jamie Hartford


Normally at this time of year I’m bemoaning the lack of sunshine as we shift from four seasons into two (autumn and winter!), but as the kids go back to school I can sit back with some satisfaction and reflect on a summer full of sunshine. It’s amazing what difference a bit of sun makes: eating outside & BBQ’s, camping trips and runs to the coast. It just makes everyone feel so much happier.
  Now that the holiday period is behind us, we move into a traditionally busy time in the kitchen industry and people crack on with home improvements and set their sights on   a new kitchen in readiness for family get-togethers at the end of the year.
   I’ve been banging on about the number   of extensions we work on for the last couple of years and I recently read banks have approved more home improvement loans this year than at any point in the last five years. That certainly mirrors the type of work we’ve been undertaking recently.   In terms of looking to the future we’re investing in a number of new displays in   our showroom. We’re trying to reflect  current trends whilst keeping one step in front of the national kitchen guys. We’ve had our acrylic doors on display for over   2½ years and only in the last 6 months have they filtered through on the high street.
It’s still a big favourite with customers due to the number of colours we can supply.

  More than 2 years ago I mentioned that handle-less doors were making their way back in again and sure enough the nationals have followed suit. We’re in the lucky position to be able to offer them in the standard gloss colours plus matt finish, painted and veneered.
   I’d like to finish off by thanking our  customers from the East Leeds Magazine; by putting your faith in us and the recommendations you make to friends and family have helped us to become an established local business. In the difficult times we’ve endured over the last five  years that’s no small thing.




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