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Brand new comedy to be filmed in East Leeds Lumbfilm on their latest Tuck Bushman saga.
In 2012, Leeds based Lumbfilm Productions took the film festival circuit by storm with their short comedy Tuck Bushman & the Demon Bitch Bags. The Company, which draws heavily on local talent, is now developing their hotly anticipated follow up:  Tuck Bushman & the Werewolves of Windy Crack. 
Lumbfilm were formed by Woodlesford based comedian Chris Lumb, in 2005. After producing a string of successful shorts they brought Aussie larrikin, Tuck Bushman, to the big screen for the first time. Shot in and around Yorkshire with a local cast and crew, their debut feature film, Tuck Bushman & the Legend of Piddledown Dale, told the story of Tuck’s attempt to resurrect his ailing television career whilst attempting to foil the evil plans of Mayor Eli Nefarious.
“Making Tuck Bushman & the Legend of Piddledown Dale was an amazing experience” Chris said. “It took around 16 months from writing to screening and, sure, it was hard work, but it was well worth it.”
And well worth it, it was. Not only did the film receive glowing praise at festivals around the country, but in 2010 the movie was picked up for release by Chemical Burn Entertainment.
After spending a few years producing sketches and more serious work, 2012 saw  Lumbfilm return to their most successful creation. However, this time the stakes were  even higher, as Tuck Battled to rescue his beloved Flick from clutches of an evil demon.Tuck Bushman & the Demon Bitch Bags, turned out to be even more successful than its predecessor, winning Best Film and Audience Choice Award in the Halloween Monster Movie Challenge and also taking 1st place in the Halloween Horror Movie Challenge. About the awards, Cross Gates based screenwriter Matt Hick said:“We’re a small, independent production company, so winning these awards means a great deal too us. Hopefully it’ll help us develop and push our next project and in the process create opportunities for actors and film makers in and around Leeds.”
Chris and Matt are now entering pre-production on the latest instalment of the Bushman saga. In Tuck Bushman & the Werewolves of Windy Crack, again filmed in and around East Leeds, times are still tough for our celebrity monster hunter. His TV show’s been cancelled, his director’s a pain and his girlfriend’s dead. But, as they say, nothing gives you perspective like a gruesome murder. So when Tuck receives a strange call concerning the mysterious deaths of two young lovers in Windy Crack he can’t help but see it as an opportunity. Can Tuck film the capture of the Werewolves of Windy Crack and in the process resurrect his ailing TV career? Join the Werewolves of Windy Crack Facebook group to find out.


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