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A new dual carriageway approved, scything through east Leeds to serve the thousands of new homes to be built between the A58 and the M1 in the coming years.
Approval for an incinerator within two miles of Selby Road burning 300,000 tonnes of waste, and another in Cross Green handling all the city’s ‘black bin’ rubbish – but which campaigners fear will pollute the surrounding air with cancer-causing chemicals.
Plans to transform the face of Thorpe Park business park with offices, cafes, restaurants, shops and a new 12,000 square metre supermarket.
Three controversial issues facing councillors and citizens in recent months that could impact the lives of ordinary folk across this part of the city. Yet how much coverage of any of these stories did we see on our televisions – important as they are for the people of East Leeds?
In the months ahead, people across Leeds and beyond will have a whole new source for local news and current affairs, and a platform to debate and raise awareness the issues that matter most to their communities. Made in Leeds is the new local TV station to launch soon across West Yorkshire on Freeview channel 8, Sky 117, Virgin, Freesat, and through an online on-demand service.
It is one of nineteen new local stations set up across Britain originally conceived as a means to address the ‘democratic deficit’: the quandary of decisions made in our name by local councils, which remains under-reported by local newspapers strapped for resources and regional TV stations covering vast areas and unable to concentrate on local issues. The stations also offer an exciting new platform for talent, a showcase for local life, as well as huge opportunities for local businesses to connect with wider audiences.
Every evening we will broadcast two 30-minute live news bulletins alongside a schedule of core programmes on cookery, sports, property and  much more. News and info updates as well as local shorts will run at the top of every hour throughout the daytime schedule.
Our journalists will be embedded in their own patch in each part of the city, reporting on the key stories in their area. Our reporter in East Leeds will be a highly recognisable figure, the first point of contact for local people with a story to share. The doors to our studios and newsroom will always be open: our producers and journalists there to listen and remain constantly in touch with our audiences.
As well as reporting on the stories that matter to people in our communities, we will serve as a new platform for talent, a space to promote what is best from every  corner of Leeds. Whether it’s the LS14 Trust dedicated to strengthening the community in Seacroft, this magazine trying to forge links between community and local business or the countless other great stories of great East Leeds folk making their neighbourhoods better and happier places – we are here to share their stories, to offer new opportunities, and to celebrate them all.
Made in Leeds will be your local station. From the family in Seacroft who want to know where their council tax is going or the talented young singer in Halton working hard for her big break. We hope you’ll tune in!

by Mark O’Brien

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